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  1. Looking for a place in Chiang Mai that will alter leathers? Tried a few local tailors but they wont touch them.
  2. Did you try:

    Dawood Leather Craft
    44 Sri Dornchai Road.
    Chiang Mai
    Tel: 0818823709 & 0819938682

    They don't speak much English but they are helpful people, and they know how to stitch leather.

    Let us know how you get on. My leather racing trousers, with an **** the size of an elephant, could do with diet.
  3. How'd you go with your leathers?
  4. Sorry for not getting back sooner David, bought a new bike so a bit preoccupied.

    I did have a look last time we spoke and I saw the place but then the last couple of times I've been passing I haven't seen it. To be honest I'll probably have to buy new ones, the jacket's 20 years old at least but it's hard to part with.

    Do you know if they're still in business?

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