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  1. Does anybody know where in chiang mai i can have my leathers largened up? just a general make it bigger everywhere kind of job. i dont even know if it can be done but it would save me a lot of money if i could mend these ones rather buy another set?
    the wacko.

    p.s and please no clever answers about losing weight!
  2. Haha... Loose some weight dude! :)
  3. of far more use than tom's witty, completely unforeseen, yet constructive answer were choke dee tailors at 167/6 rachapakinai road. 053-224931.
    i tried nearly all the leather shops recommended by davidFL but they all pointed me in the way of this shop for the work done on my leathers.
  4. does anyone know where i could get some leathers made?

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