License for Puncture repairs IN UK EU !!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by monsterman, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. monsterman

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    its no joke unless you have a license under new EU rules you cannot legally repair tyre punctures !!!!

    i took an almost 180 mile dunlop rear tyre off my ducati last week in UK that had a puncture to my local bike shop ,, the mechanic Sid said only the Workshop manager Paddy could do it as he had the license , i thought he was joking as Sid is part owner of the business for 27 years but he was not its now a requirement under EU law for tyre fitters and puncture repaires to have an annual license cost £220 or 11,000 baht ...F**King barmy or what ,
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  3. Always gonna happen mate, don't know why you are so surprised...... maybe so many years in SE Asia dulls us to what is happening with rules, regulations and legislation in the "real" world, but I for one will very happily see my years out here in Thailand, where I am happy with no liberal do-gooder who learned all his HSE on a Neebosh course (or worse.... in Uni!) and has abso-fukin-lutely zero real life living experience! D'you know they're even trying to teach us the right and wrong way to use a yard broom now...... Jeez!!
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    Consider yourself lucky you can get it repaired at all. Most shops in the US won't touch a punctured tire. Liability and lawyers ya know. :thumbdown:

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