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  1. Hello,im planning a bike trip to Cambodia very soon.Does anyone know if i need an international license there.I have a normal Thai motorcycle and a UK license,would these be ok?.Cheers in advance,Mark.
  2. No ffence but if you would do just a little bit searching you would find out that just 3 topicx down from your posted question,, topic was discussed and information provided :wink:
  3. Hello Marco,thanks for your reply,i did read this post also.Its not actually the same question,im not hiring a bike im taking my bike from Thailand,I was just wondering if i need an international license there.I know i should,but if im stopped with my Thai or UK one will it be a problem.Basically do they ask for an international or any license at the border.Thanks Mark.
  4. Many trips to Laos since 2002 and NEVER been asked to produce a license. Especially if you have a Thai license you should have no problem even if you did have to show it somewhere (they don't ask at the border, they're not traffic police). No way are the Thais that go across all applying for IDP's.
  5. Hi, I cross into Cambodia regularly. You don't need any licence at the border and in 9 years have never been asked for a licence inside Cambodia.If you have a valid licence it is always worth carrying it as you never know. As elsewhere on this forum explains, a valid in date green book in your name or the wifes with the same surname is all that is needed for the bike.It is the customs that affect the bike, you do a temporary export for a Thai registered bike, no police etc involved.
  6. Thanks very much for your replies.Thats pretty much what i was thinking.The green book is in my name,so everything should be ok.Cheers Mark.
  7. If you are stopped by the police in Cambodia you will be asked for a licence, if you dont have one you will be asked to pay some money before you are allowed to leave. The amount coulld be upto $50 depending on the police and how well you can get out of it.

    Licence's have been in the newspapers quite a bit in the past few weeks and is one of the next laws to be inforced, even for the locals.
  8. I've been riding around PP for a month on a MY plated scooter. The police haven't stopped me once. I guess they are back in love with us this month.
  9. Guess I have been unlucky but I have been stopped many times in Laos and while they always ask for the car papers, in many cases they ask also for the drivers license. The Thai drivers license is valid in Laos (and I guess in Cambodia as well) but twice the police insisted that I get an International Drivers License.
  10. They are now getting tighter on foriegners riding bikes, it is best to get a local license, 25usd, one photo. They will need a photocory of your current permit, you get a pink reciept that is you driver permit untill your local permit is ready.

    They are not yet enforcing the law on locals.

    The IDP is not recognized here, most of the local cops have never seen or heard of it.

    In theory, any ASEAN country driver permit is valid, but that is theory, and this is Cambodia.
  11. first read on the advices on how to escape from being caught by the cops. i totally agree with that.

    however, if u r unlucky enuff and get caught, do not act like u r scary or watever. relax or take a break!!! normally the group of cops will be replaced by another group so every cops can get some money from this--its more like their business now and they are doing it pretty well. one might be far from the stop light with radio and ask their mates at the front to try to catch u. lolz funny?

    dont believe that they will take ur bike to their stations. its unlikely that they wont take ur guys to their stations. but wat they say is to scare u and for the much money sake. and yeah, if they take ur bike to the police station, just go with them--- and i believe that they wont do that coz if u promise to give them lil money, they wont bother to take u to the police station.

    the fine--i dunno if i should use the term "fine" for this-- should be no more than 5USD if u know how to deal with them--- if u ride without a helmet, mirrors, driving licence--when u show them ur international driving license, they will say it is not valid since they cant read it. lolz

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