Lifan dealer in or hear Khon Kaen


Oct 1, 2013
I am thinking of buying a 200 cross and wondered if anyone knew of a dealer in Khon Kaen.


Jun 28, 2007
Just my private opinion, save yourself the upcoming troubles in owning such a piece of chinese crap and get a second hand KLX250 or CRF250, you will not regret it as all that chink shyte is useless, especially when a) not a good mechanic yourself and b) no-one will buy it from you for any reasonable money once you have owned it for more than some weeks, not to talk about service and spares............ KLX'ses can already go as low as THB 80,000.- in good condition and you won't loose too much once you sell it again. Just look at several forums and be patient, you won't regret it. If your funds by the way won't allow a more expensive bike then get yourself something like an old Sonic or Wave and have Somchai around the corner refit it with knobbies and make it offroad safe. Costs less, can be repaired everywhere and is easy to sell and most of all, troublefree. Rgds, Franz