Lisu Lahu New Year 2010

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    Lisu New Year 2010 - 13 Feb
    Just an update the Lisu New Year took place on Saturday 13th Feb in the yard above Soppong.
    A small affair, punctuated by flash bangs, compared to the Lahu New Year Celebrations,
    which are as yet unsullied by Baptists dressing up in the local garb and showing their 'kinship' with their 'flock'.

    Lahu New Year 2010 - 18 Feb
    The Lahu New Year is taking place, according to Joy
    of the Soppong River Inn, on the night of the 18th Feb [2010].
    Check with her first and book a room, if she has any left.
    ph:+66 53 617 107 or +66 81 250 8425
    See the GT-R report from 2008, as a cracking time was had by all.

    Joy arranged transport for those not keen to brave the road down to the Lahu village at night. :shock:
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    4th Feb 2011.
    Chinese New Year.
    Lisu new Year should be on at the same time.

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