Living quality, your definition /where found ??

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  1. Azoulay just found his dream house in Cha Am.
    Bush Pilot bought land 50km South of Ranong.
    Most of the GTRiders live up North. It may be interesting to have a broader view, to get more input on what living quality means to you , where you found it, respectively want to look for it.

    Azoulay, why Cha Am, Bush Pilot why South Ranong of the many options you had?

    I will quote was was written under Azoulay´s Cha Am post=

    Dream comes true, we just bought our beach house in Cha Am and I wonder if it would be any GT-Riders around to meet, ride together and exchange around the passion we share....
    Laurent Paris-Bangkok


    Because Phuket is getting a bit narrow for me.
    Hua Hin area was the first alternative that came up. Hope you dont mind that I consider Cha Am part of the area. In short I want to ride up from Phuket soon to explore.

    REPLY FROM Bush Pilot
    I just bought some land around Kapoe. (50km south of Ranong, 250km north of Phuket)
    Beautiful area, mountains, beaches, and oil palm trees.
    A brand new Tesco just opened up last week in Ranong.

    I'm starting to hate all the heavy traffic in Phuket.


    you might also be interested in some of the answers to my original post in the Phuket forum= IF NOT PHUKET , WHERE ELSE?? ... iland.html

  2. I have properties all over Thailand. If I found the perfect place though, the last thing I'd do is announce it on any webpage! :D
  3. To answer the question relative to motorcycling, the answer for me has got to be up north in the Chiang Mai area - great roads, hardly any traffic, beautiful scenery, endless offroad opportunities and a decent bunch of mates to share it all with :D

    For general "quality of life" type stuff, I reckon that should be addressed on Thaivisa or some other such forum rather than here.


  4. Quality of life in the LOS?
    I have one of the cheepest houses in Samui, about a k from Lamai beach.
    Great for chillin out and beach stuff. Shit for bikes, as most of you know.
    But I love the north for the same reasons as Pikey.
    Wouldn't mind a joint in both places.
  5. Tom, why not do it like myself, last December got myself a reposessed Condo up there from a local bank, cheap too & good quality, won't loose any money while buying now, prices can ONLY go up in the coming years. For me enough reason to fly or ride to CNX every month. Further on, Chanod in my name, so whatever happens, it will still be mine.........cheers, FR
  6. A second place might be the answer at least seeing how rent prices are going crazy here on Phuket. It´s too late to buy cheap houses. And Samui , not the same ?

    But perhaps some CM residents can broaden my horizon=

    I was unlucky because the few times I was in CM plus direct area the sky was very grey and it was hot ( this was Not even during forest burning time ). Outright unpleasant.

    Where to live nearby CM and yet enjoy blue skies?
  7. Guys, it's worth a try at the local banks websites. Just click on their property services and you'll find a lot of "snatched back" houses, land and condos for sale. Owners who buy on leasing, very often fail to pay up according to their contracts and after a while, the banks get everything back by courtorder. They then try to sell the properties off quickly and cheap so not to run into further problems. For CNX I recommend: Krung Thai Bank, Kasikorn and Siam Commercial banks. Just scroll trough their sites. Compared to Phuket-Samui-Pattaya-Bangkok, prices in CNX are still very cheap and there's plenty available. For Pico, I recommend outside areas like Mae Jo, Samoeng, Mae Rim, Doi Saket, all surrounded by hills, weather is similar everywhere. Good Luck, Franz
  8. I plead guilty to under-estimating Thai business often putting them in a less developed drawer.
    Didnt think their web sites would be that explicit.
    Some more work to do.
    Thanks Franz. In what form would you like your success fee?
  9. Once we meet, one chilled glass of SINGHA beer please............ :lol:
  10. Don´t you think that CHILLED is a bit rich :)
  11. Pico, could call it also well tempered or cooled, could be also LEO but not that frozen horsepi.. called Chahng........... :lol:
  12. Please try to save more than scraps for a stranded Yank. I'm trying to get over there and buy something as fast as I can (Oct.)! HSBC premier account primed and ready.
  13. Thanks for the info Franz,
    I will certainly check out the Bank Web sites, the Aussy dollar is up at the moment, it would be a good time.
  14. Franz,

    you commented in another post about the condo market. I have been thinking about that too perhaps as an investment but I am shying away because =

    how can I, a non-Thai-speaking-reading farang ascertain that the apartment owners are not being screwed on overhead expenses, etc- .
    Particularly in an inflationary environment??.
    It´s hard enough to do this in in the West with proper legal systems.

    Do you rely on others tenants to kind of audit the property management? As you say, as soon as the building is sold or management contract changed it´s anyhow a totally new game, is it not?

    I like investing but I need to have control over my fixed expenses.
  15. Actually this question of control over overhead expenses also applies to any kind of managed resort type of property. Here on Phuket there are hundreds under construction, with houses build hardly 10 inches apart. All seem to be ready to skim the owners.
    Am I paranoid?
    I want to repeat the skimming is not a Thai issue for me, skimming is international only that I can control better by how much I am being skimmed if I understand the language.
  16. Pico, first priority is to get yourself a good lawyer, my experience is that there's nothing more some crooks are afraid of as lawyers are not easily paid off. Second get him to introduce you to an english version of the amended Condo act, I have some old documents at home which I could email to you. Of course chances of being pulled over the table are there but, before buying a condo just make yourself familiar with some other inhabitants. Rule of the thumb, get a unit in a condo where you see it's alive with tenants. One that gives you the creeps (no tenants around) you should keep away. Ask for opinions on Thai visa and other forums from other readers once you single out 2-3 objects before buying. Of course there is for sure a legal way to look into the books of the condominium, but I'm not the expert here. For example I pay a condominium fee of THB 8.050,- per year for my 47 sqm single-unit in CNX; this includes cleaning of the premises, carpark, garbage, security, maintenance,........Further on do I have to pay as everywhere electricity and water on usage. Best is to make yourself a plan of where (town), then go there spend several days and have a look at the general layout of several buildings, get your choice down to 2-3 and then really start investigating and employing a lawyer. You do this you won't get screwed so easily. You as a foreigner can legally own a condo but your lawyer must make sure that the % of foreign ownership at the building is not yet reached. Cheers, Franz
  17. Hmm!!! Qaulity of life fro me it was Udon, not a small place not a big place. Having been here fro six years I pretty much know my way arond and how to find what i want.

    I love the beach, but just beyond my means and still do the othre things I want to do.

    I enjoy ,my riding when I can. My home has everythign in it I wanted. My wife what can I say she fits me and I her. Thats about as good as it gets for me.

    No condo her at all that I know of.

    Would I recommend it to soemone else not really just fits me. Might be the wrong fit for anyone else.
  18. Helllllllooooooo

    Noooobody out there who cares to say a few words what the living qualities are of the North ,or wherever , in addition to riding ??

    Trust not everyone is as protective of the hidden location of his dwelling as MUZZ=
    I have properties all over Thailand. If I found the perfect place though, the last thing I'd do is announce it on any webpage!
  19. Easily, you have to be living in Bangkok, Saraburi, Pattaya and the lot for example to find out what the qualities are..........Pico, try to compare the clean air up north compared to Bangkok, try to compare the thai food variety & quality compared to Esan, try to compare the friendliness of Northerners to Eastern or Southern people, try to compare the easiness of living up North to Industrial Districts such as Chonburi-Rayong-Samut Prakarn-Saraburi and so on, try to get something done by Government officials up North or in Bangkok for example, then you will know why the North is the place most convenient for a high quality of living. Staff at our office are mainly Northeners, ok they do things a little slower but without conflict and keep much more cool headed as for example Esan staff. Ok, these are only my opinions and feelings, but that's why I put one foot into the CNX door already by getting myself a condo up there. It doesn't need to be CNX; you like it quiet but still a certain standard of living, how about Phrae-Nan-Phayao ?? You like nature at its best, what about Fang or Mae Hong Son. Quality of living for me is to meet friendly people wherever I go, not like Pattaya where supermarket staff gets unfriendlier by the day.
    There's so much more to tell about the quality of living up North, I think this forum would bust at its seams........Everybody in the end must find his/her perfect place on his/her own and that is not easy. Always the human factor; the people you are living with is the most important thing, could be in Udon nowhere or Satun. Still strange why so many of this forum's members live up north......a small explanation I might have provided above but that's only true to me and might not work with someone else. So good luck in finding the perfect one (it doesn't exist) or one at least that comes close, so CNX it is yeehaow !!!!! Cheers, Franz
  20. Actually Pico Pico yuo asked a impossible questios to answer, for that is in you and the only place the answer exists. Everywhere ha good and bad apects. Not to mention places change, Franz mentioned friendly people, you would have been hard pressed to find the equal of Udon, seven years ago.

    But, as time wen along more and more farrangs moved here, the Thai's who work in the Robinsons area are no longer smiling. But on the outskirts in Thai places people are still friendly. Now that is the bad in my thought process. The good much easier to find farrang foods and such.

    Another bad when I came here the first time seven years ago you saw a farrang you talked to them, cause you might not see another for a week. These days you run across one in Robinson you say hello, they look away and check if thier wallet is still there. Things just don't stay the same. To be very honest the only farrangs I associate with these day are the guys that I ride with. But I created and maintained a ride list to find these guys. So in the end it was in me, not Udon. I only go to the Robinson area to shop for Hamburge anything esle I can buy elsewhere.

    Dealing with the government here can go well an sometimes not. The worst thing I saw a guy got a divorce, until he got a single visa issued to himself, the bike wa put in my wifes name. We went to put the bike in his name. The official told him to go marry a Thai woman and then he could have motorcycle. A direct question a Farrang with an annual O visa could not have a bike in his name. Answer no he can't he has to be married to a Thai. Guy was just being an asshole and enjoying it. You could have fought that till you were blue in the face, blow a few gaskets. Or you could go to the other office in town and register the bike with no problems. We went to the other offices. But we know the area.

    Immigration here is world of it's own, but once you learn the process and stop arguing no big deal, just not that hard.

    The cops here fine you at a stop you will pay the same a Thai' you got helmet on, a thia drivers license and a legal bike, you wont pay anything. My understanding form talking to David in Dan Sai the cops in Chaing Mai are getting serious about unlicensed bikes. Here 200 baht and your on your way at the moment. But that is subject to change anytime

    Expense wise probably not as expensive as other areas. Only newbies get doubled priced. The rest of us have learned where to shop, where to get bikes worked on Ect. Unless something has changed there simply are no condo projects around. But you can still rent a decent house for 5K rent. You can buy a house in a Thai name wih lifetime lease. You don't need a wife for that just a Thai who will be happy to get a nice house in the future. But try to pick one that doesn't want to speed up the process :lol:

    Chaing Mai you speak Thai and more then likely your in like flynn, here you have Thai, Issan and Lao to deal with. Very little english spoken in the area.

    This worked well for me as a newbie I spent six years here now. I still get a few surprises but nothing like when I first got here. There was good support available from the local VFW. But that had it's catches to, they helped, sometimes they steered you in the wrong direction, just to watch the struggle. But TV programming is much beter now, so they have entertainment avialable now

    With what I know now I wouldn't settle here more the likely it would be Chaing Rai. But I know I am buying a home. takes a bit more then packing threee suitcases these days.

    So if I were you, you see place that looks good go rent a house for a year and see if it really is your cup of tea.
  21. Hi Friends,

    Up to now and due mainly to the extra workload & lack of Internet connection (still for a week) I had in my new bought house of Cha Am, I kept away from the forum...

    However to answer to the question about "Why Cha Am ?", main answer apart the beauty of the landscape and surounding is that:

    -it's only 200 Km from our Bangkok house (2 hour drive on fair days)
    -We wanted to be away from "Pattaya circus" and it's red lights for a lot of -good- reasons (children education, unsecurity due to all what is going on there...)
    -Proximity of Burma
    -Again the beauty of the landscape and surrounding (have you ever ride your bike around 05:00 AM and drive it with no destination for hours without meeting any restriction ?

    We already have a land around Pak Chon//Kao Yai, however construction at present is a bit of a problem for us as we share our time 1/4 in LOS and 3/4 in Europe, on an other hand we did want "something on the sea side"....

    Thus as not being able to get something near the sea in Hua Hin due to the raising prices of properties (high impact of Scandinavians and Dutch people on the property market), Cha Am was a very good alternative and more corresponding to our more simple way of living.

    Thanks to some lucky circunstances and for a reasonable amount (the at present good exchange rate €/TBH is helping as well), we found our "Villa avec piscine" we would have never expect to own in my home country.

    Now, I am hardly thinking to aquire a third bike, my choice would go to a big trail such as a second hand Honda Vararedo or Tenere. Dream would be of course a brand new BMW GS Adventure 1200 but it will a long time to spare the money for it. If anyone would have a suggestion/proposal I am keen to examine it.

    Anyway, as a long time biker, my house (when there) is open to all GT-Riders for a beer or a Ricard and I am eagger to meet some GT6riders around Cha Am / Hua Hin.
  22. For me, I found it in Chiang Dao, Thailand. Located 75km (1 hour) North of Chiang Mai. Clean Air, cooler and less humid than a lot of places in Thailand. Great roads and many directions to ride.

    Land and Houses are cheap houses for rent or sale. Beautiful mountain view, cheap beer and food, nice group of local expats.

    I can always ride down for a beach holiday, whenever I want to ;-)


  23. I have a home in Pattaya and another in YUK but have never found total quality of life or peace onf mind anywhere on this planet i have worked in 28 countries and visited 51 countries ,

    i reckon some paces are nicer than others ,less crime ,better climate , facilities, beautiful scenery etc but the human factor is the really important aspect.

    its all in the mind
  24. Yep, I agree, it's all in yor mind - just for fun watch BRAZIL again, great movie! Obviously some people can be happy sitting on the floor of a small house with lots of trash and barking dogs around it, while some people buy mansions with a wall around it for several million THB and still aren't happy since they don't have the time to enjoy what they already got...
    Sometimes your quality of life doesn't depend on a place, but on the person you're with; a good motorcycle does make a difference, too...
    Azoulay, I just moved to Hua Hin, got a job working this crazy property market here, I've already planned a little get-away weekend trip to Cha Am as soon as I find the time. Would be nice to hook up!
    Btw, I've got a non-stock pipe on my bike which hasn't been a problem in the small village where I lived for years, but Hua Hin with lots of tourists is a diffferent story - had to pay THB 1000, with ticket, no deal, and that on a Monday morning...
  25. Hi Friends, Hi KZ,

    No problem would be a pleasure to meet. I'll be back to LOS on the 9th of August and in Cha Am on the 11th where we celebrate the new house with monks and others....

    Just call, I'll PM my phone there and we can organise.

    For sure Hua Hin is different than a small village, but no doubt we can deal and arrange things as at the en it's still LOS with its good manners.

    My big problem at present is to escape Bangkok with the bike and to drive to Cha Am, once I will tell you the story but I started from home in Bangkok at 16:00, intending to reach Cha Am, and after having asked to 2 police stations (completly useless and unefficient), spending around more than one hour and a half turning in the Minburi Ramintra area, received all the sky could give of water, I had to return home -Ladkrabang- to take the car to drive there toward the Express way and the regular way I knew as with the bike I did not succeed....

    So when I hear all stories about big bikes in LOS, I would point out the difficulties to ride it over the country.

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