loei ksr bike shop to the rescue


Apr 24, 2003
this i s a plug for a nui and her brother who run a very smart/well stocked off/rd ksr/customising shop in loei SAENG THONG ALAAI MOTORCYCLE SHOP 0814421751 or 0845140042, they have a web page home page
haveing just got back into thailand after a 5 day ride threw laos with pikey and rossi! ,woke up sunday morning after large night , geared up and 2k into journey back to cnx and the clutch cable snapped!!, jeff went hunting, all shops shut untill he came across this outfit who made some phone calls,i limped the bike to them and 10 mins later a guy turns up to there shop! fits a new cable, a few drinks from 7 eleven and 150 baht later off we go .
so thanks Nuit and chaovalit for getting me back on the rd. :D


Yep, a lucky find, especially as Nui had just arrived the day before from CNX Uni and spoke perfect English. Her brother Aun runs a great shop and is a really helpful guy. Him and a bunch of mates will be riding their KSRs from Loei to CNX for bikeweek - hardcore!!!

Here's a pic of the shop:


It's off the main frontage road where there is a 7/11 on the corner. This would be on the right heading out of town before the T-junction to DanSai & Phitsanulok. Great people so just pop in and say "hi" if you are in the area.