Loi Kratong Chiang Mai Saturday Nov 24

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  1. Can we get something planned for Loi Kratong for those interested. I will still be here with GF, Daewoo also here, and Joko from KL will be in town also, plus quite a few others.

    I know some of the long term redidents arent all that interested, (like Unko), but the ones here especially for the first time, would like to get together, presumably somewhere down by the river.

    Thought I would post it early to get some feedback.....

    (Currently sheltering from a tropical downpour in Mae Hong Son, been raining now for a couple of hours with no sign of letting up, and we were hoping to go balooning tomorrow, over the sun flower fields)

    The Honda Delight broke down on the MHS Loop this arvo, luckily Joko and friends stopped to help. Trip report later, but was really gratefull for the help, especially as one of the riders, on a 2 week old GTR 1400, took off the side panels of his bike, to get his battery out, so as to give us a jump start.
  2. thanks Mark for organising the BBQ dinner.

    It was a great pleasure to meet up with many GT riders at Loy Kratong.

    Yes, TJ, we left CNX at 5am and had a really cold cold ride there to Lampang. My fingers were half frozen and I had to stop to wear another T-shirt too!

    Kiang (the guy who helped u) and I reached Chumpon at 6+pm and the other 3 at 10+pm!
    The same 2 of us left Chumpon yesterday at 7am (thai time) and reached Kuala Lumpur at 8pm (msian)...again an iron butt 12hr ride :D

    It was a great holiday for all of us.

    Again, pleasure meeting you guys. Too bad I missed out on Davidfl :(

  3. Hi Joko

    Glad you made it back safely, was a pleasure meeting you, and we all enjoyed your video of you ridig the African Twin.
  4. Make sure that you post the link when you put it online...

    I kept meaning to ask Elle to take some video of some of the roads on the MHS Loop so that I could make to folks back home jealous...


    P.S. I to would like to thank Mark for organising the dinner. It really was exactly what I was hoping to do for Loi Krathong...


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