Long day trip to Khao Yai

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    Shit I did just write a long story here and when I try to post it it says "you are not logged in" and the all story is gone!
    Well I try it again ..... do I have tos save every 10sec?

    As it did look like a great day to ride I was on the bike at 6am. All my trips a start with a ride on route 3240 along Khao Mai Keauw, only a few km but a nice road with some smooth curves. Then I took route 311 and route 304 in dierction of Kabinburi where just before the 304 hits the 33 I and the motorbike has some kind of breakfast at the PTT gasoline station. After that it riding becomes better when the roud goes into the mountains in direction of Wang Nam Kiouw. At WNK I made a U-turn to take the road to Ban Thai Samakki and "Tab Lan National Park". I did ride the road all the way to the end where is a great view point and camping ground. Actually it is not the end of the road but the road becomes a dirt track.

    I did ride back a littel bit and had better breakfast at "Jungle View Restaurant & Hotel" with a great rosti & egg. The owner told me that there is a great 70km dirt track for off-road biking to Pak Chong Chai. Not for the Versys ...

    From here I did ride back to the 304 in direction of Kabinburi but before going down-hill I took a right turn to route 3052 in direction on Khao Yai and Pak Chong. Halfway was a sign "Khao Phang Ma" only 4km. That was a mistake as the road became gravel and mud pools. After 3 mud pools the "Dunlop Mud Magnets" slipped and I fell down. In the middle of the mud pool it was not possible for me to get the bike up again. But lucky for me within 5min waiting a truck came along and they helped me. No damages to me or the bike, so I cleaner the tyres as good as I could do and did ride back to the main road. Before riding on I did first clean the bike and myself better.

    I followed route 3052 again in direction of Khao Yai and came along a beautiful lake with hotels and restaurants. A nice place to come back. But for now it was time to ride back home to the 304 and 311 back home.

    So again I learned not to ride alone on shitty road and more .... get new tyres asap!

    Well for the all story with pics see http://changnoi1.blogspot.com/2011/06/long-day-trip-to-khao-yai.html

    Chang Noi

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