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  1. Anyone seen one around for sale, not for me
  2. Hi Ray, sorry, you're too late, sold mine 3 weeks ago to John in Khon Kaen, Craig-ESIB his F650 in Bangkok. Trough him I know that the second dealer of BMW in Bangkok, I think Bangkok Motors always has some reasonable priced used Beemers for sale. Just look up BMW's website and click for dealers for contact information. Good luck, Franz
  3. Thanks Franz
  4. Ray,

    I assume you've ridden one. I rented a new F650GS last year on Oahu. Overall a nice machine, but serious motor vibes on that little bike. Good for an hour or two, but my experience is not for much more. Your mileage may vary.
  5. Not for me Feejer, I ride old fahion cruiser types. I never asked the guy if he rode one or not. He wants a daul purpose bike so up to him.
  6. Ah, yes I see that now. The 2009 BMW is now a twin, so gotta be much better on the vibes. But he should take a look at the V-Strom 650. Great motor (same as in SV), huge 5.8 gallon tank, and about $1000 less than the BMW (at least over here). Don't get me wrong, I am a BMW fan and I own one. Just wasn't that impressed with the 2007 F650.
  7. Well maybe he will read the thread. He tried to ask before and got no response as he didn;t give any specific info on what kind of bike he was looking for. He said he wanted this so I did a post for him. I know he is looking for a used bike, a trained Harley Mechaninc, so he has to know ,more about it then I do. I'm still drooling over the Vulcan 900
  8. Regarding the vibes on the F650GS.
    I bought the 2007 model from Franz, great condition and under 10,000km.
    When first riding the bike after a 4 cyl machine the vibrations are certainly noticeable, difficult to tell if one or 2 cars behind you in the mirrors over 120kph. The bike has much less weather protection that my FJR and so the wind buffeting is significantly more pronounced.

    Having said that, I took the bike up to Chiang Mai one day, and came back the next, total 1400km. Travelling about 130kph, I managed the journeys with a short lunch stop and no discomfort at all. The vibrations just seem to blend in with the overall, wind, road noise etc and it is a very satisfying experience. Maybe a sort of massaging effect. The fuel range is great from a 17l tank and I was getting, 25km per litre. The bike is very easy to pilot through the twisty stuff, and not much slower than the FJR on these stretches. With a removable top box, and 2 hard side bags, the luggage capacity is great, as good as my FJR.
    If I want a really fast trip or have a lot of major dual carriageways to travel onj the FJR is my choice, but I will be using the BMW for my 13 day December trip, around Mai Hong Son etc.
    Just my pennies worth.
  9. Yeah, it was a nice 8 hour cruise around the island on it, but I've been on bikes for 30 years and never had numbness and tingling carry on into the next day. Maybe I'm just getting old, or as you say, too used to the FJR.

    But when I say the bike was new, it was brand new without plates, so maybe after a bit of running in, the vibes will have smoothed out some.



  10. I spent over a year looking for a good dual purpose bike, too. So I'm sympathetic. I ruled out the F650 after a test ride in New Zealand, and scoured high and low for either a Honda TransAlp or Yamaha TDM, to no avail. I got lucky, finally, and went with a BMW1150GS, but as fate would have it, I was in Red Baron yesterday and they had:

    1. A 2008, brand-new, Honda TransAlp 700, priced at 538K and...

    2. A 2002 TDM 900, in extremely good condition, priced at 285K.

    I note that both are on the RB web site, here:


    I personally like the TransAlp better than the F650 (thumper), but when you put them in the same price tag range the cost/value proposition is different. The TDM, however, is the best example of this bike I've seen for sale in Thailand, and if I had found it before the GS I'd have bought it in a heartbeat.

    I have no connection with or interest in Red Baron, just personal comments based on a LOT of looking/trying out.

  11. Hi Feejer,
    I do not carry any brief for BMW, in fact I still consider them overpriced for the value given in most markets, and especially so over here, I also have poor experience of BMW UK car division once I moved from the over respectful sales department to the service department. I understand some customers have had similar poor response from a certain BKK Motorad dealer. I was lucky to find an excellent second hand bike which became good value for me. Maybe the vibrations and effect on the rider are quite individual. I fit the FJR extremely well, I feel very much at home on it, and rarely suffer from sore bits, aches or pains even on long runs, I do however get in the first hour or two, intermittent throttle hand tingling and numbness, goes away and certainly does not last beyond the day. Strangely I do not get that on the BMW, as you said, maybe running in helps.
    So I am happy with both bikes,(and my ttr250), please do not ask me if I only could have one which would it be. At the moment I do not have to choose, they all get used regularly.
  12. Ok I have talked with the guy, so lets take this one step further.

    Something comparable to that style of a bike, say within four years old at a price of 200K to 300K with a book. Could be Yamaha or Honda that doesn't matter.

    He likes riding the country roads, and has found out about the potholes :lol: So he looking for something that can handle taht well adn still provide a bit of comn mfort for riding distances. Know of something post it please. Actually I really like those style of bikes but I can't do the riding position, becaue of the back.

    Vibration I thought that was the foot message on the floorbaords not it Huh :wink:
  13. John,

    I used to get the same thing. For about $40 USD, the VistaCruise and foam GripPuppies solved that problem completely. Really "handy" when having to endure those long superslab sections.

  14. It should be possible to find something in that price range - I've already referred to two bikes at Red Baron, one of which (the TDM) is in the price range and is one of the best options in that market segment, which basically includes:

    BMW F650GS (thumper - the new one will be out of the price range)
    Honda TransAlp
    Honda Africa Twin
    Kawasaki Versys (excellent choice, but new bike and out of price range)
    KTM 9xx
    Suzuki VStrom (never yet seen one in THA)
    Yamaha TDM

    You need to be mindful of seat height for these kinds of bikes if you are short (like me). I have a table I had put together when shopping, if interested let me know and I'll email it to you.

    In addition to the above you have the larger bikes - BMW R1100/1150/1200GS, Buell Ulysses, Triumph Tiger, Ducati 1000DS, etc. They will tend to be above the price range you mentioned. There are also the large dirt-bikes, but because most of my riding is on-road with some unpaved stuff, they did not fit my criteria, which included long-range comfort and easily available accessory options (primarily bags).

    Generally the pedigree (i.e., actual mileage run, ownership history, validity of green book) is going to be better on the BMWs, Ducatis, and Triumphs because they have been legally imported and sold through dealers, whereas the others have either been gray market, private, or one-offs. There is also the issue of parts and service, in which BMW at least has facilities.

    If your buyer is in a hurry, you should have him look at the TDM at Red Baron - I never saw something like that come along in over a year of looking. ("Like that" meaning paperwork, price, size, age"). For more on this bike, go to the TDM site www.carpe-tdm.net.

    Otherwise s/he needs to settle in for a long and painstaking hunt. If you have the patience, it will eventually yield a result, but you have to be very opportunistic when something comes up.

    I also have a fairly full list of URLs of Thailand bike sales sites that was on my regular daily circuit, if you want that let me know.

    Finally, though I love thumpers (rode an Enfield Bullet 350 for years), for this kind of bike riding, in Thailand, I give the advantage to the twins. They are smoother, torquier, and have (to my ear) a nicer sound.

    Good luck.
  15. Thanks guys in the end he has tp pay for it and ride it so it's up to him. He is a real newbie so he may have missed the sites I'll send this to him.
  16. Hey guys!!
    My name is Steve, and though I don't want to high jack the post, this is exactly the delima I find myself in. I have just moved to Phuket on Aug 16th, and had to sell my Enfield Bullet 350 in Sri Lanka before moving here. I now need a replacement and was considering the F650 or some of the other fine rides you have mentioned. I have ridden everything from KTM, Honda, Yamaha etc over the years. If anyone has info on bikes in Phuket that would be great. If I need to fly to Bangkok to buy one and ride it back that is another option, but would want to make sure it is worth the trip. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

    Also, anyone know if the Phuket GT-Rider group is active? Their forum seems pretty quiet.
    Thanks guys!

    PS here is a ride report from a trip in Sri Lanka on the Bullet with photos, if your interested. [/img]
  17. Swellrides

    Try and go to Phuket Town and ask at Barcelona Auto BMW Dealership.

    I know that in the back of the garage where they fix Motorcycles, they have 3 F650GS's standing here( A yellow, a gray and a black), thats been there for the last 5 months at least.
    When I came there first time around 5 months ago, I was asked if I wanted to buy a yellow 2005 model, I think, for around 300.000 baht by the thai maintenance manager.
    He owned it, and wants a 1200GS. but I already had my bike at that point, otherwise I might have jumped on it.

    Give it a try.
    In the showroom they have 650 X-challenge, and a G650, I think. All the other bikes are bigger 1200's, GS, RT's etc..
  18. Hi Guys,
    In defence of the GS 650, I ride a late 2002 model Dakar,
    The first thing you do is to get rid of the exhaust and put an after market Staintune or equiv. Then open up the snorkel. Give it a new Air filter and you will get rid of the girkyness and the vibes will almost disappear. Let it breath.
    You have got to remember it is a big single you are riding. Try any of the Jap singles and do a comparison. I also use a techtusion fuel injection tuner and you can fine tune your injectors much the same way as a carby.
    My Dakar has done over 65,000k in Aussie and Asia. In Aussie I frequently do up to 800k a day, and keep up with most of the big adventure bikes, (speed limits are strickly enforced.) She will sit on 120k/h fully loaded.
    The Rotex motor is one of the best single motors around. Dependability is legendary, with some bikes still going hard with over 100,000k's up.
    Ask Capt Slash.

  19. Well the original guy that was looking found one, not sure what it was and he is happy, thats what counts.
  20. Hi Ray,
    He has bought a 2005 Yamaha FJR1300, same model as mine.
    Rather a different bike from the 650 single he was first interested in!!
  21. John, very different of course, but have him go shopping several weeks on the FJR first, I think he will do the same as we and quickly get another one, somewhat smaller, maybe an F650 ????.............. :lol: :oops: ..........franz
  22. I'm sure he will be happy with it. Just hope he takes it easy until he learns Thailand riding. Just ain't the same a the good old US of A :lol:
  23. Why did you have to go and say that?

    I love my 1150GS...on the road. Here in Bangkok, I might as well be a car (without A/C) for all the lane-splitting I can do with the big boxer. I'm kind of playing with the notion of going back to the original "Plan B", which was either a Kawa W650 twin, Honda Clubman, or a Yamaha SR400/500.

    All of which should be a half to a third the price of the F650...

    Still, when you add it to the GS...

    Thanks a LOT Franz...

  24. Braver man then I riding in Bangkok my hats off to you sir :)
  25. It's debatable whether it's bravery...

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