Looking for high temp-high heat paint in Pattaya/Jomtien

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  1. Hi, newbie here and to Pattaya too. Does anyone know where I can get legitimate high temp/high heat spray paint in Jomtien or Pattaya? I have tried a bunch of local shops and a few big stores, but I don't speak Thai so it's impossible to ask for it from the staff.

    I know I can order it online, but I thought I'd try here first.

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  3. properperson

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    Ni MM,

    Have you tried the GT Rider shop in South Pattaya Road...also the bike shop 100yds down from GT Rider on the opp side of the road ??

    Also worth Trying the Kawasaki shop on the Sukomvit and also Mai Thai in Soi Bukkou.
  4. Hi, I found it on a random trip to a paint store on Sukhumvit. Thanks. I'm not sure where GT Rider is but if it's that shop on the corner of one of those streets that cut though the neigborhood, where those cement barriers are..I'll never go there again. I went there four times and each time the staff were little bitches. Definately not farang friendly IMHO. As for Mai Tai, I've good and really bad experiences there. The owner is cool, but don't ever let those young kids work on your ride. They're butchers.
  5. properperson

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    no, i know the shop opp the cement barriers - local Thai bike shop...

    GT rider is a much more up market afair...its on the opp side of the road about 500 yards nearer the sukomvit...got one of those blowy sign thingys outside....

    if you fancy a meet up or a ride out, drop us a pm....
  6. Thanks. I'll check that out. I'll get a hold of you about hitting the road!

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