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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by MLingg, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. MLingg

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    i come to chian mai at the 28/02/2009 and wanna do an enduro trip with my friend until 07/03/2009. So we are looking for two enduro bikes in good condition. Who can advise a good rental store?

    Is it recommendable, to book it from home or are there enough bikes available at this time an we can book it directly in chiang mai?

    Thank you for answers.
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  3. Fishenough

    Fishenough Ol'Timer

    Not the expert around here, but you could try Pop car rentals though you should book in advnace. First time I decided to try the D-tracker they were out for that day.

    Hear great reviews about the X-Centre, but don't know if they provide the services you need.

    Very new around here, but had to throw my two bits in.

  4. KenYam

    KenYam Ol'Timer

    Joe's Bike hire --- Mr Mechanic --- Look at home page at top "Bikes " hire.

    Cheers Ken F
  5. MLingg

    MLingg New Member

    Are there some e-mail-adresses for joes bike team or mr mechanic?

    I didn't found any adress
  6. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Geez, they spelled it out for you above. Go to this link https://www.gt-rider.com/motorcycle-tour ... vices.html , as stated above, you can access it from theGT-Rider home page. It has links to online booking and the address and phone numbers of all the major shops.

    Now many or the shop have new Kawasaki KLX or D-Tracker 250's. Just follow the links provided. This is the busy season and it is best to book in advance.

    Do some searching yourself on this site and you will find almost all the information you should need for bikes and planning your trip.
  7. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    cp motorcycles has a fleet of varying age xr's for rent at 700-800baht a day.
    would be my choice over a kawasaki for an enduro trip.
    he can be found next to the spotlight bar just before the loi kroh turnoff.

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