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  1. Greetings to the forum.

    I am new here as of yesterday. I Live in Don Mong in the Nong Ru8a district which is on hwy. 12 31 km west of KK. I have a Honda Steed 400cc and am looking for other riders to ride with ANYTIME, and to any place or event.
    Is there anyone in the KK area going to thePhetchabun event this coming weekend (6th and 7th). And could we "hook-up" for that ride at a p-lace and time suitable to you. Also, Ray 23 or Lucky with thye Undon group can help with a 1 nighter at a hotel.

  2. Greetings Xlineshooter

    Welcome to Forum and John from KK will assisitng you on your inqueries as he is based in KK. Just wait he will reply to this very soon...
  3. Thanks Marco,
    Shooter has contacted me via the Khon Kaen forum, so I have passed on email details and offered to meet up and discuss the local biking scene.
    I am committed to going to Khao Yai this weekend, so will not make the Petchabun ride, otherwise we could have met up along the way. Not heard that anyone else from here is going.
  4. John

    have you already sorted out the "Lodding" maybe under the coconut tree or in the tent?

    I have kind fo itchy toes and want to maybe go somewhere in this weekend as well, but have not yet made any plans...
  5. Hi Marco,
    Not sure wether the intention is to ride from Khorat to Kao Yai and back to Khorat or stay in the park. If the other guys want a day ride I will probably stay in Khorat Sat night and find some more interesting roads back to KK on the Sunday. I will take enough kit to stay out anyway.
    Maybe you should just pack some clothes, leave them in your panniers, and then when the itch gets to much just take off. Happy to return the morning coffee anytime.
  6. The email addy for Ray23 doesn't seem to work. tried it two times to get me on his riders list.

    I'm just wondering who is going where and when, and how do I find ouit the dedtails ?

  7. Hi Shooter,
    I have posted my email address in reply to your posting on KK forum, I have also sent you a personal message with my email and phone details, people do not like posting these things on open forums. If you give me your email address, i will put you on my email list and I will pass it on to Ray who will do the same. Up to you to give us your contact details.
  8. Update;
    Pleased to report that Shooter, or Chris, now made contact with Ray and myself and joined the Petchabun ride last weekend.
    Welcome to the Isaan riding community

    And thanks to GT Rider for enabling contact for us folks down here.
    Local forums just not as comprehensive or effective.

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