Looking for Suzuki DRZ ..sellin the Transalp XLV

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by Bikeymikey, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Hi all,

    I`m after a second hand (2005/2006 not later...too pricey) Suzuki DRZ 400 SM . Can anyone help?
    It seems they are quite hard to find in Thailand..

    If I find one I will be putting my trusty, cherished Transalp 400XLV
    203122537-S. 203122540-S.

    up for sale or trading it in against the DRZ.

    Needless to say the DRZ must have a book and be in good nick.

    Also, has anyone got one ...wots it like..are you happy with it?

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  3. bodisatwa

    bodisatwa Active Member

    Red baron got the drz 400sm at 280 000 bath. If you look at the wb site bahtsold.th you will find one at 180 000 bath if i rembember corectly. The last one mentioned is the 06 model with the *alien* hedlight so it looks pretty cool.
    Everywhere else i have looked the price are WAAAY to high.
    Hope i could help you a bit.
    Take care.
  4. bodisatwa

    bodisatwa Active Member

    I just checked the web site bahtsold.com and they want 210 000 bath for the drz 400sm. The bike is on Koh samui. Still the best price i have seen so far and the bike seems to be in great condition.
  5. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Yeah thanx Bodisatwa ...it is a good price assuming it s fully legal..seems like that bike is rare to find ...either that or no-one wants to sell em!!!
  6. Muzz

    Muzz Ol'Timer

    I'd grab it mate, I would have but I just got a new one. Good luck.....
  7. thebamboorat

    thebamboorat Active Member


    what sort of figure would you be putting on the Transalp if you do decide to sell???
  8. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Looks good Muzz .....I was hoping to find one nearer Chiangmai but thats unlikely...

    Thebamboorat..Im not really sure what my Transalps worth .....there`s the market value and then their`s the price someone will pay for it .....If you want a rough figure I`d say around 150,000 small ones but dont quote me on that!!

    Got green book , I maintain it well, only 69,000 clicks,new CDI last month... ...never once let me down in nearly 3 years (apart from CDI recently)...Whats wrong with it ? Only minor scratches on one side of the fairing.
  9. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Muzz...do you mean you just got a new DRZ? What do you think of it ......any info would be much appreciated.
  10. Blake

    Blake Ol'Timer

    Hey Mike, so ur thinkin about sellin the Transalp??? I am shocked, and I thought ralph would kill you for not selling it to him... I am selling my DT200, almost the same as drz right???...and mine is much cheaper!
  11. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Hi Blake, how are things back home.....Chiangmai miss`s you:eek:))

    Ralphy has aked for first refusal you`re right...Im hoping to find the bike I want first so I`m not bikeless for long...did you know he`s off round India for a 3 month bike trip for charity starting in Nov?

    I hear what you`re saying about the DT ..my thoughts are to buy the DRZ cos its a factory produced motard and its 400cc.
    If I knew enough about bikes and part costs to be able to confidantly convert a motocross machine to a motard I would... I know it can be done, but just changing the wheels and tyres and adding upside down forks and indicators may look fantastic but what about the handling etc..thats what I am concerned about. Also, on a practical note I suspect it would be nigh on impossible to insure.
    A bike with quality road biased suspension, gearing etc in motard style .....If anyone out there whose done a quality conversion and insured it can advise me and anyone with the same thoughts we are all ears:eek:))

    When are you back....
  12. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Bikeymikey you need to talk to Pikey.
    He's got a quality Honda XR 400 Motard conversion with the wheels if you want to revert to the motorcross version.
    It has just been bored out with Wiseco pistons so it has real power.
    He's just posted it for sale.
    Id recommend you give him a call as it won't be sitting around for long.
  13. Muzz

    Muzz Ol'Timer

    Hi Mike,

    It's still in the box so to speak! I'm away for a couple of weeks and will pick it up at the end of the month. Will let you know then!
  14. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Thanks for all your responses guys, much appreciated Mark ,where is SA motors in Chiangmai...I tried to google em but nothing doing..have you a phone number?
  15. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Hi Rhodie,

    Thanks for the plug for my XR but I need to stress that the asking price is for it as a dirt bike, albeit with the 440 kit and the pumper carb. I plan to keep the Excel wheels, big disc e.t.c for my next bike unless someone wants to make a sensible offer for it with everything I've put onto it [;)]


  16. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The shop is Samoto.
    Take a look here
    Link removed
  17. Bikeymikey

    Bikeymikey Member

    Thanx guys ....I`ll give it a look and have a chat with em. Will probably depend on me getting a good trade/ sell price, a smashey nicey bike shop bloke and the bike being puckerama!!

    thanx again all for your input

  18. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    After having hesitating a lot I bought this wonderfull SUZUKI DRZ 400 S year Model 2005, mint conditions fro 240.000 TBH at RED BARON in BKK coming with the Green Book.

    As wrote several times in the Recommended Bangkok Motorcycle Shops Topics http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... ort,permit. I do recommand RED BARON as a very reliable shop I know from a very long time. Most of my bikes are "followed" and maintained by them and I'm very happy.

    I ride this DRZ during summer and was very happy with it. Please note that I gathered all technical informations on this bike since a while and have available on demand Workshop Maintenance Manuals.

    I think it's good reliable bike, a good "tool" for East Asian Off-Roads, I won't go for a brand new one (available at Xtreme Bike, but I think overpriced) and I won't go for an exotic -but famous- brand such as a KTM or APRILLA for this kind of bikes as they are destinate to fall and brake some parts, on top motor parts are easily available for Japanese bikes in Thailand.

    Maybe have a look at this http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... ms=DRZ,400

  19. bodisatwa

    bodisatwa Active Member

    A friend of mine was about to buy the drz 400 sm at red baron but changed his mind the last minute and got the honda xr 250 supermotard. He told me that after he tested both of the bikes the xr 250 was without a doubt the better bike..?? He claimes that there isnt much difference between the bikes when it comes to power?? This is just what he said but if this is the case, why dont you try for example a xr 250. It might just be enough, and at a better price??
    Good luck.
  20. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    Yes, the XR 250 is a good bike, but, being not far from the quintal (100 Kg) I wonder if this mono 250 cc will bring me as easy as with the mono 400 cc.

    Anyway, these bikes are both from an old conception, and I am sure that when some new big mono 450 cc injection will arrive on Thai market, all this wis slowly desappear.

    On an other hand, once it is bought, it does not cost so much to have it parked in one corner of the house, maintain it in good conditions and use it from time to time as a donkey...

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