Looking for Trails bike shops in Chiang Mai

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  1. Hi Guys
    new on here. Great site.

    Looking for information on where to go in Chiang Mai for a Trails bike
    Any contact info and directions even better !
    After a second hand Beta, GasGas, or even consider old Bultaco, Montessa Yamaha or similar.
    Or if any one has a old one at the back of the garage, they don't use much and consider selling ?

  2. Hi,
    There is a Motocross shop just at the end of Moonmuang Road between The Triumph Shop & Riders Corner. I'm not 100% sure if they do trials but it may be a good place to start from.
    There are quite a lot of trials and enduro riders around CM so you should have some luck.
    There is also a very large vintage enduro group that ride regularly on the outskirts of CM too.
  3. hi i guess you mean a trials bike, based on the makes you mention?
    my very good friend has a number of makes models for sale, there is no specific trials shop in CM but my friend is a great rider a great mechanic and a real enthusiast, all bikes have duty paid too!

    my number is 0892484123 (Alan) call me anytime i will help arrange for you to meet him.

    We are situated south of the city hang dong/ sanpatong direction.

    "this life is not a rehearsal"
  4. cheers for the reply Cloughy and Bigalthaibiketoursuk.
    will give you a call soon Allan about your mate with the TRIALS bikes (sorry about the spelling lol )
  5. hello , i ride trials every week in chiang mai and also do competitions in chiang mai , let me no if you get a bike , I no someone who imports bikes at a good price , and my friend is selling a 1998 rtl 250 in good condition
  6. Hi Paul
    thanks for message, yeah will let you know if I find a bike.
    How much is your friend asking for the RTL ?
    Is he in Chiang Mai ?
    Can email me at : [email protected]

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