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  1. Hi All,
    Looking to buy a AFRICA TWIN in good condition with genuine green book ( RD07 orRD08 preferred but any other will be ok)
    After gone through my own learning curve, listen to some experienced fellows and try some rented bikes, I have finally make my choice for a totally different one that I was thinking of in July.
    I definitely want one that is comfortable enough for my 60 years old back and butt and able to bring me ANYWHERE I would like to go, even with my camping gear in wild nature or national park or for my two week touring plan in Laos in November.
    I have joined the HatYai bike Week for two days with my little lady that will share the same saddle from the bottom to the top of Laos, before going back to Thailand down from Chiang Mai on the way back to Phuket (if I can buy an Africa Twin in good condition before).
    We have continued for a 3,500 km trip visiting Malaysia and Singapore. I have stopped a few days in Singapore visiting M.Chan from M-Technik for a little chat about his own experience and recommendations about an all purpose and adventure bike .
    His personal Africa Twin with a lot of modifs/improvements is a beauty.
    After that visit, considering that my budget is not consistent with any of the last generation BMW model that could have been alternative choices to my eyes, my decision was clear in favor of AT.
    If it is good enough for him as an active rider After all the possible modifs/improvements he recommend and did for his own bike I am totally confident it will be also for me, as an everyday all purpose bike.
    Thank you to all that have helped me to get to that choice.
    Back to the beginning:
    Any help in finding one will be greatly appreciated and beers or other drinks rewarded. :)
    I have visited all the GT-Riders recommended shops in Singapore for equipment gear, and was very disappointed as they have not large choice for jackets, boots, gloves and so on. Only huge choices of Helmets were available. Nolan Helmet was proposed at much lower price that I saw in Thailand but I had already bought a Shark Helmet evolyne serie 2 from Panda Rider on internet.
    Any gear shops recommendations in Phuket and Bangkok for jackets, boot, gloves … ??
  2. Most people I know in BKK get gear at The paddock.
    Happy hunting for the Africa Twin. I was looking for one and gave up and bought a Kawasaki ER6n. Red Barron in BKK said that they may be see one a year for sale if they are lucky but you never know......
  3. How about looking at my ATwin when you in Chiang Mai?
    It's a HONDA XRV 750 (RD07) [yr. 1995].
    Got the green book.
  4. The blue one at www.Bahtsold.com is the oldest model, RD03. Honda no longer supports it and there are known parts shortages. Get a younger one. And get the compression tested. Good long-term choice, Philippe!

    Live to ride - ride to live

  5. any country in africa will do ? LOL
  6. Hi All who have responded,
    Just back home yesterday Night in Phuket.
    And want to thank you all for your answers.
    I get already in private touch with some useful information , will see if i can get one AT in the near future
    Hope to see u soon on the roads
  7. Philippe,
    you called and when you explained that you are not making an offer because "of the emissions testing requirements" it dawned upon me that you might misunderstood something. Such testing is not needed any more - all you need to do is find an AT with green Book and license plate. D'accord? Kowjai mai?

    Good luck - hope you find a good AT for a good price. Just don't rule out legal bikes, thinking there will be "emission tests" needed.

  8. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your last answer.

    It seems that i was not clear with my previous words in email and you misunderstood what i was saying.

    YES, i did not know the emission rules for bikes to become legal, whatever old or new model, and misunderstood that i would have to check this for any bike i would consider to buy. Now i understand that there is no more concern on this point if the bike is already fully legal with genuine book. But still is a concern if going through an import process for an AT coming from abroad. Yes ?

    But NO, i was not telling that i wil not buy this particular bike for THAT reason. You misunderstood this point.
    I was not interested to negociate this particular bike for two reasons:
    1. It is an RD04 and for now i am trying to find a RD07 or RD08 as i know a very good condition with fully genuine book RD04 here in Phuket waiting for me in the future if i cannot find a mor recent one.
    2. Accident History of this particular bike was also a big problem to my eyes.

    I hope my words are more clear that way. I apologise for my bad english.

    I dont forget anyway that everything is constantly changing in this world and so nothing is fixed, and so my present decision can be different in the future. We never know in advance what the future will be.

    Whish you the best

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