looking to do a week or so ride of mae hong song loop in feb

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  1. Hi there.
    I'm coming to Thailand for a month, mid jan-mid feb in 08. I currently ride a 250cc motorbike and am from Melbourne, Australia. I belong to a bike club here and love riding in a group.
    I'm new here, so please forgive me if i dont know how the forum works.. bascially i am looking for ride buddies for when i get to chiang mai, in feb. i plan on hiring a bike (maybe honda cb400) and then going exploring, staying in budget to mid-range guesthouses along the way. if anyones interested in this kind of ride, please let me know. my other option would be to join a tour aimed at tourists. would love to go for day trips even. i'll get a map, but it will all be new for me!

    Happy riding :)

    Dates are: Arrive Chiang Mai 01 February 2008 .
    Then free to do what i want, but would need to leave for BKK by 14 February 2008 .
  2. Danielle...

    This place is THE place to get lots of info, although it is sort of targeted more at independent riders...

    Most of the guys struggle to plan 1 day ahead, which is why they need to meet at Kafe (bar) every night... to plan what to do tomorrow...

    You will get around easily by yourself, so don't let the lack of responses to a ride buddy request deter you... You are more likely to get takers less than one week before you arrive than 2 weeks or a month...

    although, I notice from your netrider profile that you are only 23, so that might get a few more guys interested :D ... I wonder if the Minister for War would give me another leave pass so soon...


    feel free to PM me for any info I can offer..

  3. I'm in the same boat, never explored the area, but those dates might work for me. The only ride I've done worth mentioning is Bokor in Cambodia. Been riding over 30 years, looking to come to CM and rent a bike and explore.
  4. It's true that most of us are not very good at advance planning. You still should continue with your plans and if someone doesn't commit here, I am sure there will be riders that may go on short notice. There are always people around (no I don't go to the Kafe every night) who will assist you with information and planning when you get here.

    I have said on this board many times that it is a waste of money to pay for a motorcycle tour. There is so much info available here and it is not that difficult or any more dangerous then the motorcycling you have already done. Come and enjoy! :D
  5. SilverhawkUSA: thanks for your post. i'll try and stay somewhere bike friendly in chiang mai (thinking jonnada guesthouse on Daewoo's reccommendation) and head out to this "Kafe" if i can find it:) for the motorbike tour, its not so much paying for the guide, its paying for friends! haha. well..riding buddies.. paying to be part of a group, and to sit back, chill and follow the leader. anyway cheers for the insights and i look forward to chatting with some GT Riders in real life. (in a few months..)

    antaryder: PM sent

    P.S. hi daewoo :p
  6. Thanks for the offer! it sounds fantastic. unfortunately i wont be in CM til feb 1 :(
  7. I may be up in that area doing the same thing don't know for sure yet, but that is the tentaive plan. But I might very well be to slow to what you like to ride. I will be doing a lot sight seeing along with the ride. I think Dave have some good maps of the area.

    I think I will ride primarily in the Chaing Rai area but nohting etched in stone.

    Dave with the new System how do you subscribe to a topic?
  8. Bottom Left of every Page...

    - click on "Watch This Topic For Replies" :idea:
  9. ray23 wrote:
    "may be up in that area doing the same thing don't know for sure yet, but that is the tentaive plan. But I might very well be to slow to what you like to ride. I will be doing a lot sight seeing along with the ride."

    hrmm i have only been riding for 7 months. so doubt you'll be too slow for me. I am never the fastest of the pack! but hopefully not the slowest either :)
  10. Well I will post something when I go up that way maybe we can meet up.
  11. See, I knew you should have no problem finding someone to ride with or at least point the way. All these are good guys that can be trusted. I am sure you will enjoy yourself. Of course you have to trust me before you can believe my comment that you can trust them............ :shock: sounds like some big puzzle. Just kidding.... keep us updated on your itinerary.
  12. Speaking of riding that area how do I order and pay for a map?

    Looking for paved road primarily me and the boat can't do much off roading :roll:
  13. Ray I leave Chiang Mai Jan 10, and will be Udon that nite, and around that area for about 2 weeks

    happy to pick up any maps for you, and see you when I get over there
  14. That would be great really appreciate it.
  15. Hi Danielle,

    If you're after February 4 around chiangrai let me know. I can join you for 2 days.

  16. Danielle

    What are the time frames in Feburary that you are going to be there.

    I may try to drag along a few riders from Udon, don't know yet.
  17. Don't forget Chinese New Year starts Frid Feb 8th, so it will be mini bus convoy mayhem on the road for a week, until the 17th?
  18. Thanks for the heads oup David maybe a little addjustment on ride dates are in order.
  19. Hello again :)

    Thanks ... I didnt realise this despite all my reading so far!! This means the multi-day riding will happen around feb 1- feb 8 now..

    This means I can join in the celebrations for chinese new year.. where's the party at during that time? crossed my mind to stay up north for just over a week and spend the last few days (eg feb 8 to 14) in pattaya , go play on the track there.. and do some shopping in bangkok. but i've been told pattaya is just a sex-city!! :shock:

    feb 01- feb 08 riding.. could still be there up til the 14th or so.. but due to chinese new year (see above) with busy roads.. might not be riding til then! Whats the deal with Udon.. i gather it is a place? (thanks google.) is there something happening there seems a few ppl are going to this place? or maybe you just live there :p

    for sure. that would be great!
  20. haha look at my user icon.. how did that get there.. hrmm?
  21. Pattaya is a place everyone sjhould experience one well maybe more then that.

    Udon is where he guys from Pattaya go when they are burn't out :wink:

    I'll try to work my schedule around the ride dates and see if I can bring along some victims from Udon.
  22. i like it :D
  23. Guys I neeed some hotel suggestion for Chaing Rai and Mae Hong Song.

    Good firm bed is a definte requirement and some morning coffee would be nice. Safe parking for the bike.

    The only place I have stayed there was the Duck something or another.

    Not bad but a bit on the expensive side for what they offered, no farrang foods wahtsoever as I recall.
  24. Ray

    Pai can throughly recommend the Tonsa Guest House
    Me and Daewoo stayed there last month, and recommended to us by Pikey
    200/300 baht a nite, great rooms, with really nice bedding (floral sheets and douverts)
    Its down a soi by side of the bus station, and is on Unko's map, (the one I will buy for you) Can give you their card when I see you in Jan

    safe parking for bikes, no food but self service tea and coffee, and 2 minutes walk to all the cafe's.
    053 698 229 (place is up for sale for 7 million if interested).

    Chiang Rai
    Nim See Seng Hotel
    Opposite Shell gas station, good value rooms, think I paid about 350, Unko always stays here, has a roof top restuarant. 053 600 421

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