Loop north-east of Nan (2 file's)

Discussion in 'North Thailand GPS Tracks' started by Changnoi1, May 18, 2012.

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    GPS Make / Model :Iphone4
    GPS Track Name : Nan2BoKlua and BoKlua2Nan
    GPS Track Recorded by:Chang Noi
    Start :Nan
    End : Nan
    Way Points :None
    Date :March 2012
    Season : Dry
    Conditions :All good tarmac roads
    Link to trip report :None
    Other comments you would like to add:
    We made a day-trip north-east of Bo Klua, great roads. Good coffee shop in Bo Klua

    Attached files Track29-Nan2BoKluea.kmz (40.6 KB) Track30-BoKluea2Nan.kmz (36.5 KB)
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