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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Marco, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    as mentioned earlier in one of my post's i catecorized my self as "pretend to be busy" and here is what i doing on my Spare time.

    This is gonna be living project and i started from my Luggage rack extra Brake lights

    Took of the rack and start to figure out how to open it,,and that was not easy
    got it finally open and saw the work a head,,grinding,cabling,soldering and drilling and a lot of testing, let me remind you that i have NO electrical back round, i just learning by doing and studying,, so in this project i got damages of 6 busted LED light's due the too hig voltage and not enough resistance pover, but hey, finally got it right and result was nice(at least for my eye)
    Drilling the holes for 3x5mm LED lights+0.850Ohm resistor
    (1edition of red leds,busted later on)
    Testing that they works before soldering and after, here is latest edition of Bright Yellow leds
    Then turn rack around and put then to they final position and covered them with HOT clue
    Like i said cabling was challenging as available space inside the rack is minimal and lot's of grinding needed to be done.
    Got them firmly in they place and yet an other test,before closing the rack
    This is how it looks all assmbled
    And Night view with out own LED red colour brake light

    well that's done now,, next is under the bike LED installation(today and tomorrow),,2 B continue
  2. Marco
    Well done & yes you must have a bit of spare time to play around with.
    Please keep the reports coming.
  3. Well done buddy.

    Better be ready by Friday!
  4. No preasure mate....oppppsssss

    so many parts came off today,, and i have so many screws,,where they all go..


    No preasure at all,,, oh Peter, did i forgot to mention that i never done this before..... :shock:
  5. I can think of a few suitable answers but none of them would get past the "Censors"!!! :shock:
  6. Then i realized that i have so much spare time and energy so i desided to take brake from bike and walked back to house,, on the way back i came across my 2 concrete fish tank's and i was thinking how booring life fish actually have in there, just swim around.

    So i desided to improve fish swimming area and maybe make them little more happy :wink: bu buying 1 1/2inch transparent plastic hose and inserd 2 vertical pipe lines so now fish can swim from other pond to other and have fun,, talking about how to exercise fish a little i put strong water pump to right side pond what actually create current inside lower pipe so when the fish enters to that pipe it's actuall almost blown to other pond,, like in the movie "finding Nemo" where turtles are using current to travel to Sydney way faster.

    that water on the ground is not Leakage, i needed to fill op the pond so i flush water line first..

    Peter no problem i get bike ready by Friday,,,,Nooo Preasure what so ever..
  7. I LOVE MY DAYS,,,there is no day that something weird not happening..

    I promiced to peter that bike will be finished by thursday evening and ready for Friday,,,
    then this happend
    Got it under controll
    I mean i have done oil change before many times and in some weird reasson, BMW has it's own unique system.
    there is oil reservor cap what in my head is covering oil filter from outside damages,,so i was off to go and open all 3 screws and it just didn't open so tap it little bit and heeeeeeyyyyy,, f$#&k i have 3.6L oil in my garage floor,so lesson learned, in BMW oil filter is swimming inside oil as well, what a system,,well not i know for next time.
    Then desided to call Peter and teasing him little bit and after few minutes of talking i asked, so you want good news or bad news....i could hear his jaws drop,,,and what ever he said cant be publiced,,there might be children to read this...
    any how i promice to him again that no more any kind of modifications to be done before Friday...
    BUT i had to do this,,,just could not keep my fingers away from electrical parts..sorry Peter.
    Top of the tank in BM has compartment and it's radio control unit, so i too away one part and make more space there to my cell phone and becoming under neath show lights. Also smaller unit is for forward multi colour show lights, what are usually in the cars windshield washing unit's, i hide them under my forward air intake.

    so tomorrow is last day and should get bike up and running and tested,, NO preasure what so ever.... :wink:
  8. f*%^$#bsjsjcbn)*(*&^hmxks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's all I could write as I censored the rest.
  9. Colin

    I have no idea who idiot has designed this LT (And it's NOT explaned or warned in owners manual)
    I mean why oil is actually outside oil filter as well, but no worries,, all are cleaned and fixed, Environmental hazard has been avoided as Industry help came from HSE dougal, he send proper cleaning and disposal instructions(Like i dont know those hah...), today off the road.
    and hey colin,,, i washed my bike 1st time By my self last night(no choice as all washing places where closed.

    We GT-riders wanna be environmental friendly,, so if any one has any questions abt it,, PLEASE email to Dougal(Alot)[/b] :twisted: he is waiting.

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