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  1. The recommended shop for big bike service

    Lea Service





    40 metres down from the petrol station opposite Wat Visoun.
    or 250 metres east from the immigration office.
    GPS Waypoint: N19 53.229 E102 08.370
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  2. Update: Duc was leaking oil down the right fork after Nong Khiaw. Turns out it was a leaky oil coolant hose which was causing the sludge. Lea Motors in LP fixed it up in under an hour. Also had the oil changed with Shell 4T. Very reasonable charge.

    The garage is now down by the right side of the building in the picture above (left, if looking at the photo) down a little slope. Seems that his daughter has decided to turn the garage into a restaurant and dad's garage is now in fact down below and behind the kitchen.
  3. And the coordinates are now N19 53.237 E102 08.375. Not sure it's the same building in the picture ... Its next to the petrol station and across from the Wat
  4. Lea Service is gone.

    The new place to go would appear to be Nit Noi Motorcycle Service


    on the main road outside of town, between the airport intersection & the big Nam Khan river bridge.

    The road is being resurfaced at the moment, so there was lots of dust around.




    Look out for the French Bike tour signs


    GPS Waypoint: N19 53.267 E102 08.939
  5. That looks like Mr Meo's shop. Same location when checking on google maps

    He is also Fuark's partner in Luang Prabang.  If you have any issues with the rentals from fuark Mr Meo is where fuark will send you.

    Also if you order any tyres, tubes etc from fuark as we did.. You pick them up here.


  6. The best guys to go to now would be Moto-Lao
    They have set up their own clean, organized work shop for servicing bikes


    GPS: N19 53.063 E102 08.086
    150 metres from the Lao airlines office.

    Go here for more info
    Big Bike Service In Laos

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  7. If you want to get your bike washed in Luang Prabang, there doesn't appear to be too many places

    Theres the shell gas station with super duper high pressue that almost blows your bike over that you need to be very careful of.

    And there are a couple of small shops down by the Phousi Market

    Shop 1
    a little one man shop, where I go to check my tyres every time before setting off from Luang Prabang


    GPS: N19 52.869 E102 07.518
    Roughly 240 metres downsream from the Shell Gas Station
    Next to a big Phone Shop. Not easy to see, but look out for the Samsung Phone Shop first is easiest

    Shop 2
    shop 2 is a professional car stereo - electrical service + car wash
    Two M would appear to be the name.
    GPS: N19 52.603 E102 07.267
    Location further downstream from the 1st little shop.
    220 metres after the Big Phousi Market.

    And the price quoted was 15,000 kip.
  8. For bike parts - the biggest most popular (small) bike shop in Luang Prabang.

    Luang Prabang Motor Parts

    A double shop house

    Aladdins Cave of a shop




    + the Distinguished Gentelan's Ride in LPQ
    Location: the same street as the Lao Airlines Office
    Phamahapasaman Rd. Luang Prabang,
    GPS: N19 53.077 E102 08.141

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