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  1. I think it's useful to make here a separate post for lubrication. As we know after a thourough wash we always need things to get going again and not being stuck somewhere half between. So here's a foto and some description of what I currently use:

    SONAX MoS2 Oil for lubrication, derusting nuts & bolts, contact cleaning. Bought at Big-C.
    A rough translation of what is printed on the can in German:
    "SONAX MoS2 Oil is a universal 'creeping' oil and can be used for better lubrication, as contact spray and for rust prevention. It eliminates squealing and creaking noises, lubricates all moving parts and loosens rusted bolts and nuts. It displaces humidity, it prevents leak-currents in electrical circuits and enables ignition contact. It protects blank metal against corrosion, lossens tar, grease, rubber and glue residues. It is free of silicone compounds and not harmful to plastic material."

    SONAX KETTENSPRAY - chainlube as the name says. Bought at NANA Screw at the beginning of Assadatorn Rd. next to the Royal Panerai Hotel.

    WUERTH CU800 - a cooperbased lubricant especially for the backside of brakepads and wheelnuts. Bought at the hardwareshop opposite the Shangri-La Hotel on Chanklan Rd. (next to Thanachart Bank).

    MOTUL chainspray, haven't used that one yet, bought it because I couldn't find the Sonax one late last year. I think I got this one at Nut's Pistonshop but not sure.

    Here's a foto of them all:

  2. Not easy to get that Sonax Kettenspray in Bangkok.

    Homepro have stopped stocking it. The only place to have it in the past year was Big C extra when they took over from Carrefour. They got one case in and that went quick, then nothing since.

    Pity as it's good, and O-Ring safe.
  3. You can get chain lube spray at CRSaddlebags in Chiang Rai.

    They will post it to you.
  4. Thanks.

    Looks like a good cheap option. The only lube on their site is Veloil, and it doesn't mention if it's suited to O-Ring chains though.
  5. SONAX Kettenspray is still available, but yes, since BigC took over Carrefour it seems they no longer stock it.

    I stocked up at the SONAX booth at the Bangkok Motor Show and will see if I can find the flyer from the distributor that lists where it's available.
  6. 100 baht a can is hard to beat! Pretty sure it's o-ring safe.
  7. Really like the SONAX kettenspray but can't find it anymore...
  8. Ah! Found the flyer from the Thai SONAX distributor- here's their website and contact info:

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy2:
  9. Re: The Veloil Chainlube from CRsaddlebags, I saw this post on Thaivisa from a few years ago about it being o-ring safe:

    It has been a long wait for an answer but today, Paul Rogers, of Veloil, Thailand, has responded to an inquiry about the use of Veloil Chain Spray Lube on o-ring style chains. He tells me that after in-house testing, they have have determined that Veloil Chain Spray Lube is safe for o-ring style chains. If any of you have further, specific questions about that product, you can contact Veloil company and ask for Paul Rogers.

    So have 3 cans being sent to BKK for 350thb.
  10. Just found an interesting article and some real chain grease in a can. Oldies like me will remember with affection, cooking our chains on Mum's cooker, in our youth. As I use non O-ring chains on my classics, I will be ordering some Pultoline Chain Wax. Chain spray always lookes pretty ineffective for this type of chain with almost no chance of getting onto the rivet/bush/roller working surfaces.
  11. Where will you order it from?
  12. Thanks, I was hoping for a Thai supplier as I don't buy off the net from outside Thailand.
  13. interesting page.... especially the Duke advert at the bottom right.....
    dont think they'll have wax in a cake tin though, looks like only sprays cans.

    I buy a lot of parts on ebay and other sites to be sent here. Big parts can get stopped for tax, but small items sail through and the Postal Service here is better than UK. Usually a week from UK, or 10-14 days from US.

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