Lumpang to Nan best way?

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Deano747, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    OK, simple way seems to be Hwy 1 to 103 to 101,

    but advice on doing 11 to 101, or 11 to 1023 to 4009 to something to end up about where the 103 meets the 101. Looks like a much more fun day?

    Don't need to do anything else that day except to get 4 of us on road bikes from Lumpang to Nan.

    Thanks, preplanning my next trip in Nov.

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  3. guichard

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    1023 is a lovely road,good surface,not much traffic compared with 11 ad 101.

    Just be careful,no petrol station between Lampang and Long.

    After Phrae,if you have time,can choose smaller roads,all paved,Up Khun Satan National park, Na Noi Wiangsa.


    Cheers, Lung Jacques.
  4. Oddvar

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    This is a beautiful ride this time of the year with clear air. About a 100km from Phrae to Na Noi.

  5. Deano747

    Deano747 Ol'Timer

    Thank you for that. I didn't even look to the east of Phrae.

    I like the look of the 1024, 1217 and 1216. Thank you Lung Jacques.

    Oddvar, the route that you have picked of 1024, 1342 and 4010 to the 1026 also looks interesting, but my maps don't show the 1342 actually joining the 4010. There seems to be about an 8km gap between them. Is it sealed?
  6. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    All is sealed as far as I can remember. Some parts is a bit worn down. A couple of fairly steep hairpins with concrete.
    Otherwise, plain riding and beautiful view.
    Make sure you have a fresh battery and empty memory card for your camera.

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