Mae Chan To Chiang Rai Onto Chiang Mai January 2016

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    a very short ride down the highway 1. probably good thing. raining, blowing and fn cold. wind chill had to be 0 on thermometer. stayed in ching rai three long cold nights. one night found a bar where the girls had hot pots under the tables. one of the few places i got warm besides standing next to the bakery at the mall. chinese lining up for ice cream and i cant get enough hot tea. often thought about the people living up in hills i passed so many times how they were doing with the cold spell.

    Highway 1 - 118 into chiang mai

    the cold snap finally started to break. still wearing extra socks, hat under helmet, 2 gloves, and a rain poncho. headed to chiang mai. i would guess half way into the ride all the extra gear was coming off and the sun was breaking thru. more then happy to see that. a couple nights in chiang mai

    20160126_130528~01. 12650988_10153374834290098_7969246668841944362_n.

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