Mae On - 1230 Pha Bong Waterfall

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    Today I came to the realisation that other bikers could have made my life easier by telling me about something I had not understood before despite it being so blatantly obvious.

    Roads you ride, I thought go from A to B, B to C & so on. And for all my life I have used this analogy to make a loop on any journey.

    During my ride, it hit me between the eyes that I need to change my thinking in that all roads are not loops and many of the roads I have already and will travel in the future, are just A to B to A.

    I have been driving 4 wheels for 35 years and riding seriously just 2. And to now understand the pleasure of finding some new route but feeling disappointed at having to totally retrace my path, helps me to appreciate the endeavours some of the other longer in the seat riders have put into their riding career.

    My route today took me to the 1230, with the specific intention of following a side road I had ridden a little way up before but wanted to find out more.

    What do cows do when it's likely to rain?

    This is the turning up to the left

    At the top of this road I was forced to turn back as the mud and incline were not going to allow me to continue.


    I walked up this hill & it was just like walking on ice.


    Slightly disappointed, I headed back down the same road and investigated another side track off the 1230, sign posted to Mae Raum Waterfall. This track is directly opposite the entrance to Tardmuey Waterfall, which today was closed.

    After a little bit of mud, it turned into soil and then concrete for quite a way & then returning to soil.

    I came across some workers taking a break. This was at the entrance to Pha Lad Waterfall.

    If you visit here, don’t go expecting Niagra. Yes there is water and it flows over some rocks and makes a bit of noise.

    The workers finished their break and after exchanging a few “Jao” ’s I followed their suggestion of visiting the other waterfall further up this track.

    I past through a resort development called Mon Come On Camp and eventually found Pha Bong Waterfall.


    The feature is what you see from standing on your toes, reaching around the concrete post and squinting. It’s a waterfall but again just a little one.


    Never did find Mae Raum Waterfall.

    Plenty of cattle on all the roads today and where there are cattle there are turds.


    My return from the 1230 took me through the Huai Hong Khai Royal Project & I satisfied a question I had from the [url url=]last visit to this area a month ago. Last time I followed the signs for a children's home down this way and wondered if the names ‘School for Life’, ‘Children’s Shelter Home Union’ were one of the same. Nope, they are 2 children’s homes just a short distance apart.


    School for Life

    Children’s Shelter Home Union

    When I reach the 118 I turn left to Doi Saket & Chiang Mai.


    Distance 120km

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  3. Ally

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    Yep that's right.

    You would remember that, coming from Scunthorpe!

  4. Marco

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    That "Turd" field looks like mine field,, toomuch speed and no way to avid them
  5. Ally

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    Ha ha Marco, indeed a turd field. On the way up, I came over the top of the brow and there were the first herd of cattle. Asleep or just chewing the cud.

    Then on the way back, the same herd had all woken up and cleared their bowels and now walking about, finding something to do!

    Note ** DTracker stock tyres are not good over turd. Back end very twitchy.


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