Mae Rim Bike Wash

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    Very conveniently located in Mae Rim Plaza



    & the price 69 baht!

    GPS Waypoint: N18 54 54.5 E98 56 32.9

    But why is it so convenient...because it is in Mae Rim Plaza & just 80 metres from Steak of the Day, the new hot restaurant in Mae Rim & Chiang Mai.
    So do the Samoeng loop in a clockwise direction, finishing at the Mae Rim end, then pop into the bike - car wash, leave your bike there to come out sparkling clean, & in the meantime have a beer or bite to eat at Steak of the Day while you wait.
    Highly recommended, check it all out. Mae Rim rocks nowadays - X-Centre, Seepaak, Steak of the Day, Sala Cafe...
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  3. DavidFL

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    The bike / car wash has moved to the other side of Mae Rim Plaza

    IMG_4595. Mae Rim Plaza Bike Wash

    IMG_4594. Mae Rim Plaza Bike Wash

    IMG_4596. Mae Rim Plaza Bike Wash

    plus the big bike price has now gone up to 100 baht.

    But this is still top value, especially with the Mae Rim Plaza eating establishments nearby.

    Check it all out after doing the Samoeng Loop.

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