Mae Sariang-Umphang


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Feb 14, 2005
Set off to Mae Sot on the 105, Its about 220km and a pleasant journey with fairly light traffic. This road has all things, Sometimes its quite hilly and narrow, Other places flat but never boring. The strange thing is where it turns into a dusty track in a couple of places. Admittedly not for long but this is the main road between two town it should be fixed by now, I dont know how long there has been parts with no asphalt surface but I rode this jan 04 and it was the same then in the same place. Arrive at Mae Sot and go straight to Fortune guest house where I always stay, 100 Baht for my room then its off to SP Kitchen restaurant on the Asia highway for food. Good pizzas, Steak&fries and pasta meals are got here and are not expensive. Mae Sots a pleasant enough place with I believe five 7-11s so civilisation has arrived here and good cheap internet as well. Next morning its off to Umphang down the 1090, This road starts out flat but gets increasingly hilly and after a while its just brilliant, A motorcyclists dream, I dont hear of many people riding here which is something I dont understand as its just such a fantastic ride here. This is my third time here and I usually arrive on sunday afternoon as its more of a Thai getaway and I have heard it can get packed at weekends so on my way most of the traffic is heading home and at BT Tour resort where I stay there was a Japanese couple here on my first trip otherwise I have had the place to myself. 100 Baht here for my room which includes a hot shower. I explore a couple of local roads, the 1167 goes to an army outpost where I was told I could not go any further on my first trip but both other times no one has been there so I rode on for about 1km up to the Burmese border and there the road just stops and a very rough dirt track goes on ahead. I know I shouldnt have but as no one was about I carried on for a couple of kms but it is very rough travelling and there wasnt anything interesting to see so I quickly returned. the 1288 carries on for quite a way but goes into loose gravel for quite long distances then asphalt again and finally it was just too dusty so I called it a day before reaching the end. Another one for next years holiday, The 1090 carries on in a different direction out of Umphang so I ride that as well and it is asphalt to the end at a village. Along this route on your left as you are travelling out of Umphang about six km I see a flag up on the hill and people climbing up it so I decide to walk up for a look, Shit doesnt it nearly kill you the heat when you are exerting yourself, I get to the top eventually then discover theres another flag in the distance so I walk there as well. The view from up here is awesome, I watch a helicopter fly over and can see it land at the airport. Its so peaceful up here, The others didnt want to walk this far so I am completely alone. It is quite windy up here and I walk around with no shirt on, Big mistake, I forget how strong the sun is and when I get back I am burnt. I climbed the first hill two months ago and didnt have time to walk all the way so am doing it again today March 1st and it doesnt appear to be any hotter but obviously the sun is stronger now. I take about five hours between leaving my bike and getting back to it, That was some walk, I go back and shower and realise how burnt I am