Mae Siang down on route 105 ?

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  1. I am in Mae Siang and want to go down South on R 105. my search didnt show any results. I m sure that someone has done it.

    Comments are most welcome
  2. I rode this at the beginning of December (2006), and there were still 2 patches of unmade road, one around 100m long in some hills about 50km south of Mae Sariang, the other about 4-500m long about 50k further south. The rest is fairly typical of the region - some rough, repaired surfaces, and in other places fairly newly laid. Not many petrol stations, as I recall, so remember to fill up in Mae Sariang.
  3. I left Mae Sariang this morning and the ride down to Mae Sot was everything as Colin described, just prestine , a wonderful mixture of very steep hilly rough tar road through almost unpopulated jungle to rolling hills, No, no traffic at all. I think I saw only 2 gas stations. The scenery up North is perhaps more grandious but this trip had a special intimatimacy to it.
  4. came up from mae sot 2days ago,40k sth of sariang rd goes bit crappy-gravel+bad surface,but ace scenery,from mae sarit to mae sot gd.theres a little shack sells petrol in mae sarit(none between sariang+there).its in a row of shops/huts on your right.300m before on your left up a little hill is a cheap guesthouse-guys name sophy-tel0862016672 if u wana stay there.
  5. was very very tempted to go to Umphang, envied you for your Honda 125, Colin !! You simply cant get stuck nowhere there will be always someone who will help, has spare parts but me ??
    Decided to do it next time when my vehicle is in 100% shape. I went to Phitsanuloke

    Wau the 105 after Mea Sot is quite something, from
    very hilly stretches to miles and mile of US like straight highway, almost all brandnew. Here I couldnt resist to push my speed to 130kmh with sidecar, slowed down immendiatly because I had remembered that 1500 km earlier some village handyman used a torch to correct a severve dent in my sidecar wheel after overrunning a big stone

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