Mae Suai to Wawi to Tha Ton

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  1. Last week, I was told by a tour operator in Tha Ton that this road was all fixed up. So, this week we went exploring.

    We came up the Chiang Rai road - 118 - and turned off just north of Mae Suai. The road is signposted for Ban Wawi.

    Nice riding, and sealed road all the way to Wawi. We continued on, and about 6 km past Wawi the pavement ends. The road has been widened and rolled, but after 2 days of rain, the top layer was pure grease.

    After being told by a local that the road was the same for the next 15km, we decided to pass. Should be an OK route after the mud dries out.

    There is supposed to be a new bridge at the Northern end, connecting to 1089.


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  2. Hi Bob

    yes we did that road about a month ago and the road ended just as it shows on the map so we had to turn around and retrace our steps. It will be a great little loop when finished.

    We are on our way back up to the North after Laos and hope that it's still not raining. Her on Nong Khai it is baking.

    Look at our photos:
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