Mae Wang - Doi Inthanon

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  1. First of all, my inspiration to take this route comes from Captain Slash and [url url=]his excellent report of the ride 7 January 2009 here ... You will notice the changes not only in visibility and burn damage but of the developments in the link road between 1013 and 1284.

    Route - 121,unknown,1013,1284,1009,108.
    Round trip distance was 210km.

    From the 121 at Nong Kway, I turned onto the canal road and headed south towards San Patong.

    It was a sunny but smokey day.


    At the end of the canal road I crossed the canal and took the village road towards Huai Cho and took a left at the phone box after a few kms. This route crosses the Mae Khan river and takes a short cut across the valley.




    I turned left at the end and continued to Mae Wang where I stopped at the coffee hut in front of the market.



    Now on the 1013, I rode north east away from San Patong and enjoyed the very pleasant road through Pang Term, where the white water rafting outfit operate.




    I continued along the 1013, until I reached the Nong Tao turn to the left, it's at the crest of a hill, unfortunately there are no signs here in English.





    Wow! This road is just so nice, despite the occasional pot hole. On maps, the road looks much shorter than in reality.





    The road turns to dust just after Phatthana Ban Nam 5 Khunwang School and the main road in fact travels left up the hill, not straight on.


    The sign below suggests 3km to the Royal Research Project.







    The going is like riding on talcum powder, very different from January this year photos of Captain Slash's ride. Great fun though.

    There are signs of road construction but there was nobody actually doing anything right now. The engines were running, the aircon in the cabs were buzzing, it was lunch time after all !

    At the Royal Research Project and indeed just about 3km's, I turned left and joined a fairly decent road to ride down into the valley and eventually this becomes the 1284.


    After only a short distance, I ride through a raised barrier, which I guess is the Doi Inthanon National Park entrance kiosk. I am standing on my pegs over the bumpy road as I go through and I am not even sure they were even awake inside.




    When this road T's with the 1009 at Khun Kiang, I turn right and stop for lunch at the restaurant next to the camp site area.

    After lunch I continue up the mountain, through control point 2 unhindered and ride to the highest point sign and pose with the help of the conveniently available waste bin and the self timer!


    It was all down hill from here, back past the junction of 1284 and straight on towards Chom Thong.

    Eventually I reach the 108 and turn left towards Hang Dong & home.

    This ride was done on a 5 year old [url url=]Honda Wave 125. It handled the route very well and is a great all round little bike for journeys in & around the mountains.

    Thanks again Captain Slash!

  2. Ally, beautiful pictures and nice trip report as always !!!! No wonder you like the Wave125R, it's a real convenient & wonderful bike for all kind of roads paved or unpaved, what else would you expect from the grandsons of the Honda Cub ?? :lol:
    Keep them coming those nice pictures & reports of yours !! :p Cheers, Franz
  3. Franz - Thanks neighbour!

    Captain - Its horrible, itchy eyes, oppressive and disorientating... Where has Suthep gone ?

    Looking forward to the rain coming.


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