Mae Win to Samoeng

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  1. After last years failure to find this little gem, today on the spur of the moment with absolutely no ties, I thought this route would make an excellent start to the year.

    Starting at Hang Dong I rode the canal road to Mae Wang and then out to Mae Win.

    I took the right turn at the wooden arch on the 1013 and wound my way through the woodland & paddy's.

    At the foot of the slope that stopped me last time, I gunned the throttle and raced up the dusty bumpy track. Whooo Hoo ! What a track.

    Eventually I reached an intersection that I guessed was the one I needed to take to Wat Luung Khun Win. I was right & to my absolute surprise, the temple grounds unfolded before me.

    Armed with just a pocket camera, not the big one, these few snaps hardly do the beauty of the place justice.

    There is a lot of work underway on new temples here and the smell of fresh sawn wood fills the air.

    Out from the temple grounds I followed the track north towards Samoeng and after quite a journey I reached the phone box on the corner that I had seen on my previous visit to this area from the north.

    Lunch at Samoeng and then after filling the tank I took the 5032 out of town and then the 6033 north towards Mae Sap. This road is really nice after the mornings track and made a great contrast.

    The Samoeng Nuea loop brought me back into town for a coffee next to the market and then it was back home via the 1269.

    Total distance 188 kms.











    For the gps stuff, go here ...

  2. Ally wrote:

    Ally, we riding check to same old wooden temple - Wat Luang Khun Win at last may. It was raining the whole day, very interesting day at the same time "a little" slippery also... :wink:

    Here is some photos our little adventure trip to Wat Luang Khun Win.

    Day: 15.05.2009
    (The way: Chiang Mai - Mae Win – Wat Luang Khun Win - Samoeng - Mae Khan – Yang Moen - Pa Pae – Mae Malai - Chiang Mai )












  3. Africa Twin track? Yuk!
  4. Davidfl, you can try ride your Africa Twin in next rainy season. :wink:

    Our six of the rider, three riders went to a topple over. :wink:
  5. January 2nd & mid winter, that same track is powder dry and rough as hell, no mud just loose & bumpy :twisted:

    Thanks for sharing those pics Thailasse, looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. Nice report Ally, great to hear you can still sneak for a ride every now and then.

    Think I can picture the wooden arch on the side of the 1013, but to understand exactly where you rode I'll have to get out riding and try to follow your path. :D

    Happy New Year!
  7. 55555555 she's back on the road with a perfect report as always !!!!! I just wonder why you didn't take the DragStar for this trip ??? Last time at the care for dogs ride you proved already that it's not a cruiser, just a too low positioned offroad bike 555555555 :mrgreen: . Cheers, Franz
  8. Thanks for your comments guys, Kevin, you will certainly enjoy the ride, Pikey, thanks so much for the initial inspiration you gave me on the map on the wall in your shop.

    Colin, yep, yet another new one & a highly recommended one too.

    Franz, I kept looking in my mirror for my shadow but sadly you weren't there :wink:

    Monday to Friday dog work can be pretty stressful but after a great ride like this one, all the strains just fade away & let you focus on the next onslaught of work !


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