Mai Sai to Mae Salong

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  1. Some local advice please.

    I am doing this early December and wondering if I should run my currently planned route of the 1149 out of Mai Sai into the 1334 North of Doi Tung, then into the CHR4032 and the 1234. A lot of this shows as narrow but sealed, but I am a little concerned about the condition after the rains.

    The other option is the 1149 but stay on this through Doi Tung until it picks up the 1338, the 1130 and then the 1234.

    Bear in mind that there are 10 of us on dual purpose bikes (Honda NC750's and CB500X's), but are looking for scenery over adventure.


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  2. Yes the road is tight, narrow, steep & very twisting: & I'd say that perhaps the Pha Bur switchbacks would be less than enjoyable for some riders.
  3. Thanks for that. It seems that there is a bit to see in Doi Tung and it would get us into Sweet Mae Salong a little earlier for afternoon coffee and cake. Always a sensory delight :)
  4. I was on the 1334 this afternoon.   it's  Tarmac,   broken in places with a stretch of single track concrete that's just been laid.    Its a pretty boring road at the Thoed Thai   Side.    Much better to go a bit further south and pick up the excellent Doi Tung road  (1338 I think). Much better Scenery  and nicer surface altogether
  5. Thanks for that. Easy decision then :)
  6. There's some images from March 25 on the Huai Mu - Si Lang section of R1338 on GTR in here

    maybe the road is better or worse in December.


    However I'd say that if you just  stuck to R1338 & not cut across to TT via Hua Mu you will be quite ok.

    Lakota is you have pix of the roads in there it would be a big help to see them. You can email them to me if you have any trouble uploading them.

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  7. Thanks for that David.

    It was actually that thread that got me wanting to go that way, and I have also planned lunch at the Tea & Plants Oil Development centre.

    Wealth of information to be found here.

    Have also been following the memorial MHS loop, and hoping most of the roadworks that Ian mentioned between MHS and Pai and the 107 are completed in the next 4 weeks :)
  8. Sorry, 1 more question.

    The 1149 at Doi splits just north of Doi Tung and for a few kilometres there are 2 of them, both running North - South and both joining the 1338 South of Doi Tung (at different places).

    The Eastern one shows up as more major, a little longer and a more twisty route, the Western one runs past (through) the Mae Fah Luang Garden and Royal Villa. The street view in Google Earth show both as good quality bitumen.

    If you could only do one, which one would it be scenery wise.

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