Mai Sariang to Mae Sot?

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    I enjoy the ride Mae Hong Song to Mae Sariang.Is the road between Mae Sariang and Mae Sot equaly suitable for an old man on a wave 125.I made it from Pai to Chiang Mai in under three hours in April.In case I need a rest where is a good place to rent a room on this leg of loop.

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    It’s a few years since I have been down 105 from Mae Sarieng – Mae Sot, but nonetheless it is a great ride & one that I would like to do again, soon.

    Here is what I have in my notes.
    Mae Sarieng – Mae Sot. Distance 239.0 kms. Minimum 3 1/4 hrs ride fast non-stop ride.

    Mae Sarieng - Mae Ko: 22.3 kms generally flat & winding.
    Mae Ko - Mae Ngao: 18.8 kms good winding hilly asphalt.
    Mae Ngao - Ban Tha Song Yang: 46.4 kms steep & winding roller coaster smooth asphalt. Excellent riding.
    Ban Tha Song Yang – Mae Salit; 30.8 kms. Good riding. Nice winding hilly road.
    Mae Salit – 46 kms north Mae Sot. 72 kms. Good riding. Winding hilly asphalt.
    46 kms north Mae Sot - Mae Sot: very long straights. Undulating hills. Fast riding, but boring if no speed.

    Rough ride times are
    Mae Sarieng - King Sop Moei: 0 hrs 30
    King Sop Moei - Mae Ngao: 0 hrs 15
    Mae Ngao - Ban Tha Song Yang: 0 hrs 45
    Ban Tha Song Yang - Mae Salit: 0 hrs 15
    Mae Salit - A Tha Song Yang O hrs 30
    A Tha Song Yang - Mae Ramat: 0 hrs 40
    Mae Ramat - Mae Sot: 0 hrs 20

    The convenient drink stops should be
    1. Mae Ngao, beautiful spot by the river.
    2. Ban Tha Song Yang or Mae Salit
    3. Mae Sot

    From memory, there’s accommodation
    1. Mae Ngao
    2. Mae Salit & Mon Krathing cottages, up the mountain on route 1267.
    3. Mae Sot of course.

    I hope this is a help.
    It would be good if you could make a road report with the latest road conditions – where is the asphalt good / bad etc - after you have done your trip.

    Keep the power on

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