Maiden Voyage to Phuket -- Advice Needed

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  1. I'll be in the Cha-am/Hua Hin Area at the end of the month, and I am considering going down to Phuket for a few days.

    I know I can make it in one day. It's less than 700km, but I'm only looking to do that if the conditions are good and I leave early enough -- like 6am. That would give me time to get into the hotel, shower, nap and be out that night.

    Any suggestions regarding anything ... route, breaking the trip up, hotels or resorts along the way or in Phuket, nightlife, places to definitely avoid, and anything else that would be helpful.

    I've been just about everywhere in Thailand, multiple times, but I've never been that far South. Yes, it's the maiden voyage. Looking for sound suggestions and advice.

  2. Wow. All these members and not a single one with any information on travel to Phuket. Okay.
  3. Sorry,never ridden down that way...though I have rode rental bikes there in the past....some good tight twisties but lots of gravel on some bends....
    Good luck!

  4. I have been down there a couple of times, but I am not sure what you are looking for. You can easily get down there in 1 day if you follow the main road - even if you take the detour and use the smaller roads along the sea, if you do not have longer stops.

    If you are looking for sights on the way and are prepared to use more than one day, then visit the cave Tham Phraya Nakhon with the king's pavilion. That is some 60 kms south of Hua Hin - this will take you a couple of hours, and you will surely work up a sweat.

    Take the smaller roads instead of the big road, it is much nicer and much prettier. Take a swing into Prachuap Khiri Khan to see the monkeys play in the water at the foot of the temple mountain. You could stop to see the beach at Ban Krut before that will be spoiled by the tourist industry.

    Nightlife in Phuket is mostly in Patong. You will have no ploblem finding a place to stay here (or in the other cities). The nightlife in Patong is mostly along Bangla Road.

    Regarding things to avoid: Falling in love with one of those small brown things in Patong.
  5. Out of interest were are you hiring your bike from ? I couldn't find a big place outlet to hire from in that area,but it was a few years ago I hope your not disappointed with Phucket I thought hoi hin much better.
    Safe riding

  6. The direct route via highway is a crappy ride. Much more scenic and enjoyable is the coastal road through Ranong province, though this time of year chances are you will get wet! Phuket, mostly overpriced and overdeveloped if you ask me. I'd head to nearby Krabi (Ao Nang is a personal favorite) if you want unspoilt beaches and good value for money.
  7. I have a feeling he is already on his way. He wrote "at the end of the month", and he hasn't been online for a couple of days.

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