Man it's hot early

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  1. Any cooler spots around in Country?
  2. Well its pretty cool in our quite new Central Mall here in Khon Kaen, if you need even cooler, then head for Dreamworld near Rangsit BKK which will allow you to go toboganning on a real ice/snow slope.
  3. Sounds like if I ever find out where my home, is the office it nice and cool :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Thermometer in my kitchen said 41 yesterday i am glad i am going to UK on 17th its too hot here now.
  5. That's sure one way to do it. Early short rides I suppose might work as well.

    Or dig out the cool vest. LOL
  6. 2am Outside K'buri its 32 degrees celsius.
  7. My Modem temperature shows right now 37.9 :lol:
    outside i dont even wanna know,,
  8. Close the oven door Jerry....... ;-)


  9. Boy I hope I find the GPS coordinates for my office soon :shock:
  10. Will be there on Monday morning Ray at least if I can find your place (John helped quite a bit). The coordinates you sent me, after quite a bit a bit of massaging, probably will enable me to find your office - so please put the aircon on full blast on Monday morning.
  11. Give me a call Auke and I will met you at AEK. it's not far from my home. Air no problem.
  12. Just to let anyone in northern Isaan know, a bunch of us will be in Loei tuesday and wednesday nights with a local ride out wednesday daytime. PM or call if interested in hooking up either to ride or for a social drink or ten.....


  13. Sounds like fun Pikey I'll see if can get up there for a evening. Got work going on both bikes right now so doubtful on the ride. Where you guys staying?
  14. Would be good to see you Ray. We're staying at the Kings Hotel in the centre and John Gooding will come up from KK on wednesday and stay over that night too. I got a group rate discount of 450B/night as there's 10 of us so if you want that mention that your with the Tony's Big Bikes/Pikey group.


  15. I note that the weather forecast is predicting temps overnight of 14C Tues and Wed and 29C Wednesday and 30C Thursday daytimes in Loei. After the roasting of the last few days/nights, will be nice if it happens, but may need that cardigan out in the wee hours in Loei town :D
    So to answer Ray's original question where is it cooler? Maybe Loei, Tuepm on.
  16. Looks like a cooler change coming though for Ubon as well thank goodness!

  17. I'll have to bring the pick up. it would be great to see everyone. I'll try for Wens. night
  18. Capt the beauty of riding is it's an individual thing, we all get to do it the way we want :wink: :D :D :D :D :D :D
  19. I like riding in the cold , and its easier and safer riding in the rain in UK than thailand as you can see the road and the vehicles around you.
  20. Boy you guys have great timing picked the best part of the week. Hope the 800 is done in time. It will be even cooler in Loei.

    Intermittent Clouds
    Not as hot with periods of clouds and sunshine. Winds from the E at 10 mph.
    Realfeel®: 101 °F
    High: 97 °F
    Tuesday Night, Mar 9
    More Details
    Clear and colder. Winds from the ENE at 12 mph.
    Realfeel®: 58 °F
    Low: 60 °F
    Wednesday, Mar 10
    More Details
    Mostly Sunny
    Mostly sunny, pleasant and cooler. Winds from the ENE at 8 mph.
    Realfeel®: 88 °F
    High: 85 °F
    Wednesday Night, Mar 10
    More Details
    Mostly Clear
    Mainly clear and cool. Winds from the E at 7 mph.
    Realfeel®: 61 °F
    Low: 60 °F
    Thursday, Mar 11
    More Details
    Partly Sunny
    Partly sunny and pleasant. Winds from the E at 4 mph.
    Realfeel®: 96 °F
    High: 91 °F
    Thursday Night, Mar 11
    More Details
    Clear. Winds from the ESE at 4 mph.
    Realfeel®: 65 °F
    Low: 67 °F
    Friday, Mar 12
    More Details
    Hot with plenty of sunshine. Winds will be light and variable

    Realfeel®: 107 °F
    High: 100 °F
    Friday Night, Mar 12
    More Details
    Mostly Clear
    Mainly clear. Winds will be light and variable
  21. Auke is the man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 mins fixing my screw ups and have a working version of Map Source. Looks like we will be coming in late afternoon on the bike Whoppee!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you guys get there a can you remind them about the group rate they want five hundred baht each for two rooms. Hey that's a beer friends riding is 125 up with us. So I think we will be slow going.

    See you guys there.
  22. It was great meeting Pikey and the troops from Chaing Mai, we went up in the pickup, boring as can be but that aircon wasn't bad. :lol:

    Ian turned me on to a back brace made for riding so that's on order, thanks

    One of the guys asked me about the night life in Udon saying Chaing Mai was leaving a bit to want. Been out of that scene for a long time. So I took a cruise to farrang area the other day, it's there. But, the ladies are going to look a lot better at closing time then when you first go in. Maybe there is a better crop in the later hours don't know. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  23. Just a reminder:

  24. can we change the title of this to "Man it's hot late"?
  25. You always do that Capt. but you leave before it gets hot :happy1:

    The 120 F heat index makes it like riding in a blast furnace.

    The heat this year is unusual. Over 15 dead from heat stroke two of them soldiers. That was as of a couple days ago.

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