Manual chain oilers for sale

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  1. I have a few Loobman, one shot at a time. manual chain-oiler units.

    Press the button and a measured amount of oil is released slowly onto both sides of the sprocket as you ride. Centrifugal force does the rest.

    No over oiling.



    PM if interested.
  2. How much are you selling them for?
  3. David,

    1000 Baht + about 50 postage from BKK.

  4. Seems like a worthwhile investment to keep your chain oiled all the time & if I did not already have a Scottoiler fitted to my Versys I'd be trying one of these.

    Good luck. Give them a go guys.
  5. One sold to a Versys owner in Chiang Mai
  6. that would be me

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