Massive Police Crackdown on non Registered bikes in pattaya!

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  1. Over 80 bikes seized so far value in excess of 25m baht mostly big rental bikes 600cc+ Fireblades
  2. Hi Jerry,

    What do you think they will do with the seized bikes ? To sell it in auctions with book possibilities or any ideas ?
  3. Come on.............probably see a few of the local boys in brown on big bikes soon.
  4. Monster...

    take a phot of empty rentals,,,,i been saying this now abt year already and people just dont take it seriously enough,,

    belive it or not,, it will be spead like wild fire,,, brown lads smell the money in big bikes :cry:
  5. Its now on the TV news ,,, sure the cops smell money but it much more than that its political.. pattaya city wanted the rentals off beach road clogging up parking places ...the renters just put 2 fingers to the City hall... so now its
    get heavy time and bring in the big boys from bangkok.....This is going to cost the main big bike renters a lot of money and most of them are actually muslims in Pattaya.

    many of the bikes have no import papers and are stolen so they are history , others have never beeen bothered to get registered as its expensive etc most have no insurance so its going to be a mess. Some will be bought back by the renters and some will just rust to bits in police custody others will go to new police owners and then business as normal will resume.Its Thailand.
  6. Chief of pattaya police rides a HD Road King his deputy bought a new Dynaglide last week..
  7. What about betting that they will hit "all" the big bike provinces again. Part of a systematic campaign to stamp out the grey imports & support the legit local manufacturers & importers. Plus it is easy money for some of them - worth doing their job!
  8. I think you've hit it on the head David.

    They've most probably been instructed to clean up the grey market bikes and will energetically carry this out for as much profit as they can make.
  9. That's the big question - is it just a "Pattaya thing" or is it a nationwide sweep?
  10. Colin i know those guys and also new for them is that General Police chief has been changed to Sisaket and 'New' wind's are blowing there now, so it's only a time,,
  11. a couple of my buddies got stopped and their bikes detained for 24hr at the police station, just outside bangkok.

    The reason was that malaysian bike touring in thailand also need a carnet! The usual custom declaration form, local insurance, driving license, passport are not sufficient!

    First time, i am hearing this carnet thingy in LOS! The detained bikes were 'released' the next day for equally unknown reason (no fine, no money under table...)??

  12. Joko

    Thas is so crap,, Carnet is not Recognised by thailand,, i would challenge Police on ever doing that in LOS,, need some big know how the men in Brown are...

    good news is guys got bikes out next day,, hopefully no damage was done beside time lost..
  13. Yes, M...we know its crap! BUT we cant really be arguing with the men-in-brown in a chicken-talking-2-duck lingo! :lol:

    Yes, my buddies got their bikes back in its orig cond...its only the waste of time!

    A whole bunch of malaysian riders will be going for the Phuket Bike Week in April 10-13, I hope the southern men-in-brown do not get too over enthusiastic with this carnet nonsense too :shock:

  14. Situation in Pattaya for large BigBike rentals is now a ghost town. The Police have impounded over 200 bikes now mostly Japanese 400-1500cc but some others as well. The bikes have customs and Bangkok DSI notices on them so local police are powerless . This is very serious stuff.
    There are only a handful of legal large rental bikes now available they are legal bikes with proper registration and insurance but probably no more then 20-30 bikes in total.
    Some people have been stopped when riding big bikes and if its an illegal rental the bike has been impounded .
    The shops were also raided this week but most were in compliance with the law.
    I would be very careful if riding any big bike around here that was not legal now.
  15. Wow... Serious shit!
  16. About Time they Clobbered the Scamming Bike Rental Crooks in Pattaya :evil: Wish they would do it in Patong Beach, Phuket as well and also While they are at it Get Rid of all the Bloody Rental Cars on the Beach Road!!! :twisted: These Pricks take up all the Parking Spaces and Scratch up Your Car if You Park in a Spot they Deem as Theirs!!! They were Supposed to Get Rid of them after the Tsunami but let the Lowlife Creep back in like the Cancer they Are :shock:
    That feels Better, Have a Great Day! :wink:
  17. Wow, glad you got that off your chest Ian, I dread to think how life must be with all that emotion pent up inside !!

    Now please explain why Dfl calls you 'The Ambassador' again?

  18. Ian

    That is down to the point,, i have that experience on -97 when my custom made car was crached and i almost kill the guy, but i just left and sworn back that i would never ever go that kind of mad house place any more and it took me 10yrs before we went back and i can say, did not enjoy a bit in Patong beach area,,,I would clad to even help on men in Brown to get rid of all those 'mafia' guys in beach road if i could,, but again,, what that would help,, let them deal it and we can only hope that in some day abt 50-70yrs from now it's all gona be good..

    I think it's even safer to ride where Sir Slash is now,, deep down in the south,,than in the patong beach...(again, this is just my own idea)
    but i just dont like the place,, if you didnt get the idea.. :wink:
  19. What is great about the "bike rental crooks" in Pattaya and Patong is that they cater to the riff-raff and idiots and helps to keep them DOWN THERE! I connect in BKK and immediately head North for a reason.
  20. What provinces do you think that is David? And you say again, have they previously done this sort of a raid? Or has it been more a local affair with the cops trying to raise some cash also?

    Pattaya (Chonburi) (done)
    Chiang Mai (done)

    Phuket? Y/N
    Bangkok? Y/N
    which others?
  21. What provinces do you think that is David? And you say again, have they previously done this sort of a raid? Or has it been more a local affair with the cops trying to raise some cash also?

    Pattaya (Chonburi) (done)
    Chiang Mai (done)

    Phuket? Y/N
    Bangkok? Y/N
    which others?
    Just silly speculation on my part, but any province with a lot of big bikes that are unregistered must be extremely vulnerable now. But exactly which ones - where are the biggest best bike weeks, in which provinces? The BIB know.

    Over the last several months - end of the year 2008 - they were out in force, a combined Bkk police / Customs group hit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai & Phuket to my knowledge. There were probably other provinces too, but some people in the biz prefer not to talk about it.

    I believe the writing is well & truly on the wall & with the new legal big imports & local manufacture "they" want to stamp out the grey imports once & for all. And it's all to be expected; the grey import racket is worth millions & has gotten "out of control."

    You would not complain so much if the legal rego process was realistic & not so slow or extortionate. The emission control laws EU5? are a joke when you see all the thousands of buses / trucks / pick up belching out smoke for hundreds of hours & thousands of kms. Why pick on the motorbikes & let the other bigger vehicles pollute seriously almost as much as they wish?
  22. THey do not want to stamp out the GREY import business if it is done properly ,the grey importers sell 80% of the big bikes sold in Thailand ,they are very efficient and some a very good a doing it legally , registering bikes properly , they are not worried by the crackdown one guy i know has just brought in 300 big bikes 106 of which are 2008 and 9 new HDs that is twice as many as the authorised HD dealer sells .(think of the money invested in such a big deal must be $5million at least) All his bikes are sold with full warranty and proper BKK books through various outlets .These guys will just go with the flow ,but the cowboys and slackers are going to have to lift their game or go to the wall.

    A similar crackdown was done in the car industry a few years ago and the Grey importers are still thriving but are now proper businesses who folloew the rules.
  23. Wow! If they launch this campaign in Phuket during the bike week of April 11-13, they gonna be netting lotsa thia bikes! :shock:

    I better warn the m'sian bikers to bring along their bike original Registration card, jic. Not that msian bikes can be on the road as the 'non-reg' thais'.

    I read somewhere in the newspapers last year, on how the interpol is also somehow involved in this clamp-down of 'non-legal' bikes in LOS. The Japanese Government complained about the huge number of stolen bigbikes in japan that ended up in LOS in record time!

    Have a friend who have a japanaese friend who owns a used-bike 'cementary'...many bikes after ?yrs are dumped/sold there as scraps...Many of these scrapped bikes are still in good condition BUT sadly, for those of us unfortunate bikers without special 'privileges', we cannot get hold of the special Import Permit. Maybe the thai importers are also importing these 'scraps' without following procedures...
  24. The good importers here go to the japanese auctions and buy completely legally . 2 years ago Japanese police with Thai help legally Xrayed over 300 suspect big bikes here and found only 3 stolen ones using Xray inspection.

    However many of the Pattaya renters have stolen Japanese bikes and they are going to have serious headaches thats why the bikes are not for sale ,they have no real import papers cos they are stolen ones.

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