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  1. samlowry

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    Hi fellas!

    I owned Kawasaki KSR, tried many 120cc scooters, 150cc CBR and realized - I want to ride heavier, more powerful and bigger motorbike, but with a comfort of scooter. So - I want to try maxi-scooter.

    I see them sometime on Thailand roads, but don't understand, how I can try it. Now I'm live in Chiang Mai, here I saw only one maxi-scooter related thing: Yamaha sells new T-Max model in showroom close to Kad Suan Kaew. That's all. Actually I don't like this model at all, and, of course, they sell it, not rent.

    Any ideas how to try it? At least - where to see more maxi scoots in CM?

    P. S. Pls, don't offer PCX. It's regular lightweight 120cc scooter which pretend to look like a maxi.
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  3. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Comfy beasties but not cheap.. A buddy got a score in a silverhawk but that set him back 150 ish thousand.. The T Max 500 is 555,000 baht last time I checked.

    So not hard to find but not easy to find cheap.
  4. samlowry

    samlowry Member

    Oops, yep, I meant T-Max :) Not Majesty :)
  5. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Here in Phuket I see foreigners every day on Yamaha T-Max 400 and 500s. Cool scoots, I'd be interested in one, they look comfortable and make a lot of sense. They accelerate quite well, for a scooter. I sat on one but the seating position was straight up, handle bars coming towards me, sitting on the base of the spine like on a chopper.
    I like to lean a bit forward like on a standard.
  6. samlowry

    samlowry Member

    KZ, think, you can adjust a position easily, maxis usually have long U-shape foot stand
  7. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Didn't know that the T-Max is officially sold new here.

    It's quite a step up from the PCX 125, powerwise and pricewise.

    Scooters are the future, this market segment is growing, especially in Europe, and I wonder why we don't get a 250cc scooter here.

    The PCX 125 sells like crazy, that's a good indication.

    Kawasaki should build the first twin-cylinder 250cc scooter with a detuned engine of the Ninja - small, light, sporty, no travel-tourer like the ugly Suzukis.
    Assembled here, it should sell well for around 150,000 baht.
  8. KenYam

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    I have seen a Suzuki scooters ( 500/600cc) club / members parked up at the Good View resturant on the River ( 7 to 8pm ) quite a few times maybe someone there could help you !!!

    Good Luck
  9. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Beware the guy selling them from Phuket also (has adverts on a few forums) price is good but they are either unplated, can plate in 1 month for 40k, or chonburi plates.

    The story changes each time he says it and seems he has 3 or so for sale.. Buyer beware unless you know and can live with the plate hassles.
  10. samlowry

    samlowry Member

  11. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Some rental in Pattaya have Tmax and Burgman and others so a trip to Patters and rent a couple to test ride might be an idea.
  12. samlowry

    samlowry Member

    Which rentals? Live 2 yrs there, found a bike&tuning shop only (under Thappraya & 3rd roads inters.), they have variety, but don't rent out it.

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