Me And My Mianoi On A Trip To Laos


Mar 18, 2013
It is easy to 'over-plan' a ride, and in Laos you can't go wrong when you are on a 250.
When I am in Laos i try to stick to a province one at the time, but I always end up in LPQ.;)


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Day 10 - Checking out the town of Sam Neua

My main goal going to Sam Neua was to visit Mt Pathi and check out Lima Site 85. But this day I was a bit knackered after the long ride the day before so I decided to just stay in Sam Neua and check out the town. (LS 85 was to be visited the next day)
I really like and enjoy to walk around in towns and cities and check out the local environment, POI, local markeds and other things.
In Laos in general the goverment buildings seem huge and expensive, and in Sam Neua in particular they are just ridicolously huge and lavish. And the Toyota V8 Landcruisers and ditto cars are stacked up around them doesnt make this impression and milder. A stark contrast to the poor countryside where people take their baths at the local waterpost, waterwell or even in a nearby stream. Oh well - what can I do about it, absolutely nada!
There are a nice park and recreational area just almost in the middle of town, at least something everybody can use and enjoy.
The local marked in Sam Neua was quite a place. Lots of eh...quite exotic goods could be purchased there. And I also understood why there werent that many streetdogs in Sam Neua....55555

So heres a few photos of my walk around in the town of Sam Neua...comments under each pic.

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This is what meet you upon entering Sam Neua. Its called Suan Keo Lak Meung. Great, isnt it? LOL
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Goverment buildings in Sam Neua...

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Another government building...

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More government buildings in Sam Neua. Note the white V8 Landcruiser right in front of the entrance door....

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Let me guess - some war monuments....

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The park in the town center

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Monuments in the park

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The water fountain wasnt working, but the park was actually quite nice imo.

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The Nam Xam river that runs through the town center...

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Next stop was the local market. What about some delicious ricepaddy rats?

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Or would a mix of toads and fish might be tempting?

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Ok so youre a vegeterian, heres some fresh bamboo for you...

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More toads or frogs? I like to listen to a frog choir in the evening, but these poor guys had probably soon croaked their last notes...

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I had never seen these fruits before. Looked like giant blueberries. I have now unfortunately forgotten what the locals called them...maybe you guys know?

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Poor Fido, he didnt know he was going to end up on the local marked this morning....

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No dog on my menu, just fried rice and chicken. Im a bit conservative food-vise....55555

Just wondering about the rice paddy rats

were you attempted at all?
Has anyone on GTR ever tried them?


Aug 19, 2012
Just wondering about the rice paddy rats
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were you attempted at all?
Has anyone on GTR ever tried them?

No they didnt tempt me at all. Im rather conservative when it comes to food. I tried “roo” burger in Aussieland and Lamasteak in Bolivia during my RTW trip, and thats about as exotic as I dare.
Well - in Kyrgizstan I tried horse milk, both fresh and fermented and even horse sausage, but very small quantities though...


Mar 18, 2013
You have not really been in Isaan if you have not tried rice rats. Very boney and taste good.:p