Meet The Huligans in Nan 11-15.2.10 tour

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  1. Wow time has flyed since my last Nan

    so when i heard that guys are heading to Nan,, i was ready,,even i have still same old front tyre,,,
    so tim to leave at 0558am
    Nice and cool to ride +22.5c and No traffic, i was wondering what was wrong as i got way too many flashing head lights to me, so i found out that my head lights where poining too high,,well 5000K for they eyes,, no problem at least they see me...LOL
    riding nice and slow(at least when taking picture,,,,), i have to say that i love riding at dark,it's all changed when i got my new set of head light...
    nice sun rice and keeping good speed,,
    in original plan i was planned to stop in Phetchabun to meed Bard but unfortunetly he could not make it so i desidd to hea Phitsnulok and find hotel in there
    almost forgot,,,just before Lom sak there was HUGE military exercise and HAT HAT HAT men running around and then come BATTLE OF TANKS,, MY GERMAN TANK VERSUS THAI TANK.. Result,, Thai tank turn away..hahahaha

    more to come as you know,, tomorrow is NEW day again..stay tuned
  2. thanx colin,, will see what is coming up, we usually siting whole evening in the river side and eat and drink there,,

    OH i almost forgot what happen this afternoon on my way to Khoen Kaen

    just before Khoen kaen brewery of Singa beer,, i was coming again moderate traffic and doing around 130kmh and braoching easy right hand turn less than 10dec bend, i ws around 200met away when 2 pick ups start to over take a slower car and as i flash my head light they when off quickly but when i was around 70met away one pick up suddenly just cae out and start to over take the car, i really did not have so much space about 1-1 1/2met in my left side to avoide lethal head on coalition with him, but he got so scared as well as he try to pul back as much he could,,all thing was over with in 2-3sec and again this was really goo reminder that keep on looking ALL THE TIME oncomig traffic and try to keep your left side clear just incase you need to do sudden manuver,,i had about 30cm clearance to his pick up...
    guys ride safely,,,and look out all times
  3. ok so now im Home and this part of the report contain some NIGHT Ride clips what i took with my Normal Canon IXUS 801S camra,so bit shaky and fact that i was riding with one hand at the time,, so beare with me on that,,meaning was just give you a hint how it looks for those who has not ride during 1am.. i personally love it.

    OK back to story

    So after thank meeting i was proaching to Phetchabun so time to call Bard and see how is he doing and wheather or not he is coming, and He could not join,, how dissapointing,,but then i was middle of the road,, HEY,not middle but on the road and it was 1pm and i been thinking where should i stay over night so i desided to run up to Phitsanulok and try to find bed in there and Bed i found, nice very good hotel for 400thb with real coffee shop downstairs,but no breky,,coffee joint opens at 7am.

    Also if you dont have your own laptop with you coffee joint has inet for free of charge(for customers)
    Free coffee and Snacks for Hotel customers
    Or you can sit in the basket and look world go by..

    So mornign i have a ride from phitsanulok to Nan 377+7 to turn, nice day ride, im off 8am
    IMG_5314. IMG_5315.
    on the junktion of Phitsanulok and HW 12 tey have build thse nice houses,, for what i have no idea...
    I have to say that HW11 is one of the booring ride,, but luckily i have cruise control on my BUSS, so i can just sit and relax...
    IMG_5317. IMG_5320.
    Nothing else to take a pic,,so at least signs..hihiihi

    Then there is 1km road work, not bad and there was no loose surface in my time(day &night ride)
    IMG_5321. IMG_5322.
    I arrived to our destination about 2.5hr before "huligans"
    Grand Mansion in Nan, great place and very good parking.
    Rooms has Wifi and power shower, meaning good water preasure.

    After eating, there was time to water the local trees,,
    it was so early so we went to restaurants along the river, i think it was just beside the terasse restaurant. then off we went to river side and our friendly staff was there also,franz you remeber him,he remember all of us and ask where was the rest,,
    also Pink bikes where there, and later Tony has fell in love to that bike...(pic later)
    Beer first and food..
    Then have a fun with the "Pink" bike
    There was defently some atraction towars the tips in here...
    Grehard and Tiger where nackerd so they went to Beauty sleep early and Me and Tony continue and later where joined by Dirt Honky,i think it was and his buddy,,gracy dudes but lots of fun, guys where in to JD and it went down rather good speed(they where NOT with bike).
    So gerhard and Tiger left
    Then there more odd looking bikes..(suzuki was this)
    And grazy lads,,nice to meet you guys ws lot of fun(if i remember right)
    hope you had good time in Channel X disco,,
    Late night group (Others sleep in this time already..LOL)
    Next morning, Breaky in HOT Bread, good food, but DO NOT go there if you are in hurry,, service requires a bit of time, but food is exelent.
    Then where where off to ride and it was fun end exiting(I over shot one turn and almost hit the bridge and if i would, i would fly down to rived 20 or so met below,,luckily i did not,, so i LEARN again take my sweet time and do not push too hard, 420kg do not stop and turn so easilly...
    So huligans where ready and of they go and i followed them in some (10min) behind,, :wink:
    After fueling every one was ready
    here i still see them..
    Here i dont...
    But like said after that 1st turn,, i took really slow..
    here is link to our look from my "IgotU" page, from there you can see and look and copy(i think) all the ridings i have done with guys.
    The files are DDMMYY format, so you can see my latest are in the first and so fort..
    Later as i got lost from the guys,,in one junction even i asked from the police check point where the guys went and BIB told me Mai ruu....
    they turn to 1091 to Phayao and i turn Phrae 1120,,so i was wonedering in Song,,where they where and then check my phone there was message from Tony saying that i mostlikely turn to left as i did,, well i always lost if i ride alone,but never the less, fun ride and nice road, guys also had good time,, sad that i did not got tonys phone as they where worried abt e and so turn back to look at me and when back about 20-30km at least,,sorry guys, but that shows how our riding buddies looking after each others, i finally sms tony but that time they went back already and they continue they loop and i went my own back to Nan

    Then i when to Nan Stake house and good food there and Owner is from Sweden,nice lad and we talked a lot, that time guys where back and plan to eat in Darios so it ment 2 dinners for me..LOL
    i already told the guys tha im leaving between 1-2am following night as i love riding night time,,few shaky pictures and vdos as well.
    So i left 0129am arrived stopped in 3amDen Sai,fuel+Coffee+Pizza from last night, next top 6amLom Sak, Fuel+Real coffee as Esso in 2km before turing Phetchabun has real coffee shop open 24/7 and left over pizza that time also and last stop 3hrs, 8am in Khoen Kaen to my friends house and left 11am and arrived pharmacy at 2.07pm(14:07hrs)
    here is few pictures and clips from the night
    Here you can see ETA(Estimate time of arrival to my home)
    Sun finally come up while im in the Tad Mak National park before Khoen Kaen in HW12
    At this time of the year we have A lots of Sugar cane truck a road so be really carefull while riding, here is one what just turn over

    unfortunently i did not catch the truck but it was there still and i personlaly dont even ride close to them and in the turns,,,dont stay inside,,as they are heavily over loaded all the time,,,and depree i falling of from them as well

    and finally Statictic's of the trip
    Stoppage time is when GPS was connected to bike and do not calculate over nights or similar activities,,,
    that is when i started from home and arrived to home.

    Tony, Gerhard and TIger, thanx for this and it was so much fun as expected.
    See you guys soon
  4. Colin

    it was fun and exiting,,sometimes too exiting,,but sure for fun as always
  5. Cheers Marco!
    Great to see you and sorry again that we lost you at the junction to Phayao. (Thought you knew the way and we were waiting for you in the shade just ~50m down the road) (Pics courtesy of Tiger, aka NOAY) :wink:
    Waiting for Marco...
    Still waiting for Marco... :wink:
    We got a bit worried so backtracked on the 1091 to the last place we saw you. Didn't find you and wasn't able to reach you on the phone so we had to assume you'd take a wrong turn.
    Where is Marco? He must have turned left towards Phrae instead of right towards Phayao :oops:

    Ah well- good times! I had some great pics as well but lost my camera somewhere along the way... crybaby
    Look forward to seeing you again soon!
    BUT CHANGE THAT DAMN TIRE MAN!!! Making us all very nervous!!! :shock:
    All the best,
  6. Tony 29000km now on that tyre,, WHO said that Metzeler wont last,, I have proof them wrong,,
    mid march next change to changeit,, will get price today before noon when i call the guy in puretyres,,seem like very good lad..
    see the topic: tyre and where to get them..
  7. Blasting the 120 to Phayao- man I love that road! :mrgreen:

    Ride On!
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  8. Here are a few more videos from last weeks awesome ride to Nan and Loei-

    Kawasaki Ninja 650R Chasing Honda VFR 800 and Triumph Tiger on Highway 120 near Phayao, Thailand What an AWESOME road!
    [youtube:18beetbq] /youtube:18beetbq]

    Route 1081 Part I :mrgreen:
    [youtube:18beetbq] /youtube:18beetbq]

    Route 1081 Part II :mrgreen::mrgreen:
    [youtube:18beetbq] /youtube:18beetbq]

    More to come!

    Ride On!


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