Megaphone silencer

Discussion in 'Technical' started by penetrator, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Anyone know where I might get a megaphone silencer of reasonable quality, something like in the pic below. The one pictured is from Faddy bike but they wont sell in Thailand, only export and only in bulk.

  2. Either Buy one of E-bay or get one Made here? Look pretty Basic I am sure the Thai Fabricators can make one quick and Cheap? Here in Chiang Mai there is Somchit (Dang) in Town near Airport Plaza or out here in Mae Rim is Home Motor near the X-Centre who makes all the Exhaust systems.
  3. I like the idea of having something custom made, I'll most likely be up in Chiang Mai for a few days in the next couple of months so can go ask the guys you mention Ian. Want something in stainless steel, main body looks easy enough for someone who knows what they're doing but end piece maybe not so as needs to fold back inwards. It's for my Bros in UK, I can only find chrome plated ones for sale on UK ebay.
  4. If You call into the X-Centre I can take You around to Home Motor and show You the Shop. There is a Map of how to get to Dang on a different thread somewhere in this Forum or I will just Draw You a Map when You are here? See You soon.
  5. Thanks Ian, pop in to see you soon hopefully.

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