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  1. New in Chiang Mai & distributed by GT Rider: Mekong Maps.

    1. All Mekong Guide Map.


    2. All Mekong & Laos Guide Map.


    These maps are large souvenir maps suitable for tour offices & wall display. The maps have brief outlines & tips on the Mekong River's history / geography / attractions.

    The All Mekong Map has an all Mekong map from source to sea, plus information on the early Mekong Expeditions & Explorers; River Creatures & Fish; Trees, Plants & Herbal Medicines; Animals & Mammals, Ethnic Minorities.

    The Mekong Laos guide map has an all Mekong map from source to sea on one side & on the other a Laos country map detailing some the countries main attractions / history / ethnic groups with information provided by the LNTA & Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office.

    Both these maps are well worth having if you want to familarize yourself more with the region.

    Available in Chiang Mai from
    1. Gecko Books
    2. Bookzone.

    Price 295 baht
  2. Thanks for the tip David,I'll get one on my next trip in Nov.
    IN addition,I would recommend a very good book by John KEAY:" Mad about the Mekong" at Harper Perennial.
    I got mine through Amazon.

    Cheers, Lung.
  3. Another one


    Features both the Ayeyawady and the mighty Mekong, from Source to Sea
    + Shwedagon Pagoda
    + Colonial Yangon
    + Exquisite Mandalay & Bagan
    + Ravishing Inle Lake
    + Hill Stations
    + River cruises
    + Ethnic treasures

    295 Baht.
  4. When I got my three “Mekong Guide Maps” from David, I wondered where I would keep them. They could share a place in my book shelf or be placed in a box, with all my other maps. These documents are particular, they do not only give a geographic overview, but are enriched with a wealth of historic and cultural information and with good pictures. These references are easy to read, whilst keeping an eye on the covered region.

    Finally, I decided to place them with my “collectible items”, together with old maps of the region and previous edition of GT-Rider printings. These document will keep their value over the years and be great reference for trip planing or just to dream about travels in the region.

    The first map, “The Mekong River: from Source to Sea”, is not only a must for lovers of one of the greatest rivers, it is an indispensable companion for historic readings. It also provides essential information about the mysteries, geology and folks linked to this water-flow.

    The Laos map is not my first one of this country (I could never have enough of them), but I enjoyed the cultural knowledge provided, as well as the additional and different way to depict the geographic information.

    The third map is about Myanmar, a country arguably experiencing an explosion in tourist arrivals. A great quality geographic depiction, illustrated with photographs and comments about the places to visit, will rejoice all travelers. It is also a important information for people living in Thailand curious to get a better view of this important neighbor.

    The back of the three documents provide a map of the “Greater Mekong Sub-region”. They are similar but slightly different in information and design. All cover the same area, from the sources of the Mekong, in the Tibetan Plateau to its mouth in the Vietnamese delta. They also shows Yunnan and Guanxi in China, cover all Myanmar, and of course Thailand, from the North to its deepest South.

    The “Laos” map gives a more topographic view, whilst the “Mekong” document adds some geographic elements and the third one, covering Myanmar, is decorated with some pictures. All provide a detailed overview of the region and are indispensable tools for a global trip preparation or good companions when reading historic books about this fascinating part of the World.

    What ever the reason they are unique references and, for me, still provide a “paper presence” that all my screens can not replace.
  5. The Mekong - Myanmar



  6. Look like interesting maps. Are these just tourist maps? Or do they actually have any practical use for us bikers? Are they detailed? I am hoping I can get a better look at them when I'm back in Thailand this year.
  7. The Mekong maps are superb large souvenir maps, suitable for wall mounting or use in any good tour office.
    Map size is 67 cm wide x 100 cms high.
    The maps perfectly compliment the GT Rider guide maps for the Golden Triangle and Laos.
  8. Nice that you've added a shopping cart feature to the site. I just placed an order :)

    Is it possible to order GT Rider T-shirts in this fashion?

    Look forward to receiving my maps!


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