MHS loop first time , finally


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Jun 16, 2007
MHS loop 2-day report

plan start cnx : 21 dec 08 am , sleep in MHS , back on 22 last stop at X- centre
back to chiangrai on 23

rental bikes : honda CB400 Mr Mechanic

kawa ER6N POP

check bikes and fulfill paperwork , evening before , would guarantee our early start

bike search & check :
superfour everything seem to work ok , just some more air in front tyre
kawa : first to mr Beer , front tyre worn out , have ninja also with new tyres but wanted the naked kawa so no deal , then to POP , had one but rear tyre no good , ok bring another one , looks ok , just the chain very dry and stuck and needed tightened also

ok not a big problem , next morning at 8 it will be ready for pick up , promised , so 10 000 deposit + passport

next morning :

at 7.55am Mr mechanic : bike is coming , nice ' little ' girl (no picture sorry ) rides ' big ' bike to shop , ok perfect

at POP : nothing happened , they offer another bike but same problem , ok ride bike to another shop , get a ' mechanic ' to work on it , use some bricks to lift up the rear wheel , very professional , we loose about one hour important time

i am not so happy , but should have known better , i never did the loop so i am not sure how much time we need , nor booked or know anything in MHS , all part of the adventure

ok off we go , direction Doi Inthanon

picture time , before it gets too boring

my thai driver license gets us all thai price entrance fee , tnx , my friend is just on one month holiday

up to the top , confidence is coming back slowly , not been on a heavy bike for years , just the Baja and Fsx smoker for around town

it is hard work on the 4pothonda , compared to the kawa twin , really good bike & good torque

relax a bit on top and down again right to 1192 and Mae Chaem , missed it first , but waaaw what a road , perfect for supermoto ,

go left before this sala

on 1263 , a lot of festivity going on , not sure where , maybe Huai Bong

arrived MHS in time , had a lot of fun trying to follow the kawa , experienced R1 driver ( & experienced with body repair also )

checked in somewhere easy , not look around too much , but place was ok

at Singhanat Bamrung rd , just opened 6 months , young local thai owners , ok english

safe bike parking at back


miss my bicycle

it seemed pretty quiet in town , but Piya was full , a group of Phantom riders there
also a 4WD caravan , Malasyan landcruisers at hotel near market

anyway at 10.30pm , last customers and closing time for Sunflower , we headed for an early sleep , tomorrow not try to rush too much

good breakfast

and of we go again at 9.30 a bit late , to Pai & Cnx , my friends gf on kawa wasn ' t too sure about our story that today it was going to be different , smooth & easy riding , she had a hard time already , mai sabaai , first time and maybe never again on a bigbike

kawa in action

Pangma Pha classic stop & viewpoint

relax & lunch at Cave Lodge (near Soppong)

nice simple place , exist 30 years

and of to Pai , just passing trough , seemed not too busy ,

on the way too cnx , a lot of traffic opposite direction , but no problems ,

end of trip at X-centre 4.30pm , good timing

it was an amazing beautifull trip , a bit of a rush , better spend a few more days next time and rent a different bike