MHS Loop Help! (first time GT Rider)


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Oct 17, 2012
Hey everyone,

I'm heading over to Cambodia and Thailand later this week, and will end up riding the MHS Loop from around the 29th of November to the 6th of December (8 days):

Leave Chiang Mai, then
Pai: 1 night
Soppong: 1 night (possibly two here, none in Pai)
Mae Hong Son: 3 nights
Mae Sariang (?): 1 night
Mae Chaem: 1 night
Then back to Chiang Mai.

While I've done a good amount of motorcycle riding here in the United States on a variety of bikes, I'm still getting a bit nervous about how the locals drive in Thailand (it's also opposite side of the road for me). I read some of the beginner tips, which helped, but would love to hear any more advice.

If I could get some answers to these questions, that would be awesome!

What are some things I should watch out for?

Should I drive slower than the rest of traffic and let them pass, or zip past everyone else (I know sometimes going faster can actually be safer)?

(My biggest concerns:)

a) That road to get from MR. Mechanic into the country roads will be absolute madness, and I won't know how to handle it
b) The bike breaks down somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and I can't fix it
c) Something happens to the bike, and I'll have to fork over the cost to replace it

Hopefully that doesn't come off as paranoia, just trying to get a good idea in my head of some contingency plans.



Dec 11, 2010
Hey let us know how you got on....I did the mhs loop but went the other way...Left Chiang Mai too late got caught up in rain at Pai... early darkness and very heavy fog...Not the best riding conditions...It was January....Road of course very windy would like to do it again on a nice day ...Really enjoy the road and the scenery....How was your hire from mr mechanic....He messed me around and i lost a day organising another bike....Got to mhs ...late at night wet and cold....Stayed at the Fern Resort ....Very good...Excellent roads ....great scenery ....We really enjoyed it,,,,,Regards Dok