MHS Loop Help! (first time GT Rider)

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by thebeginning, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Hello all, I wrote a post about this before, but I think it got deleted?

    I'm looking for some tips and advice for a first time Thailand rider, going through the MHS loop in 7 days. I've ridden motorcycles a good bit in the United States, but this will be my first time on the 'other side of the street'.

    I'm a bit worried about getting from Mr. Mechanic to Pai - any advice for that portion?

  2. It actually couldn't be easier..... but let's start at the beginning...... do you have a map of Chiang Mai, and do you know where Mr Mechanic is?
  3. You'll find that many locals actually ride on 'your' side of the road on occassion; corners anywhere and everywhere on the loop will be the primary locations... enjoy, it is a great run, but bear in mid road discipline is not a local strength.
  4. I would not worry to much about riding on the "other side of the street". Looks daunting but as long as you are not in a rush and there is traffic on the road it should be easy. I admit that it gets more difficult when there is no traffic and I have found myself several times "on the wrong side" when I have the road all for myself.

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