Mhs Loop Via 4009 And Bua Thong Fields - Last Part

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    I wanted to share a good address for GT Riders wishing to make a stopover in Pai in a pleasant and affordable way.
    The Pho Rak Nah Pai guesthouse is located near the city center, just before the Wat Phra That Mae Yen temple. The small wooden bungalows are 450 baht, larger family mud bungalows are also available.
    The car park (not covered) is located right in front of the bungalows which allows to see the motorcycles. The place is calm, the garden is nice and the reception sympathetic.






    After part of the day spent on Pai (visit of temples and hots springs), we returned to Chiang Mai by the road 1265 to Wat Chan (currently still under construction before Wat Chan) and then we reached Samoeng by road 1349.

    Not only were we unlucky because we had a huge storm when we arrived at Wat Chan but we also made a mistake as a beginner, we left Pai too late in the afternoon. The weather and the night arriving quickly did not allow us to appreciate the route on route 1349 and to take pictures. This mountain road (92 km between Wat Chan and Samoeng) very winding and often in poor condition will be redone by day, in better conditions.
    I strongly advise to don't ride at night in the mountains, especially on the 1349. This is of course completely devoid of interest and especially dangerous (many hairpin turns and potholes, animals (dogs, cows) on the road, unlit vehicles and peoples etc ... ).
    Do not make the same mistake as us!
    So my humble advice would be to make this trip in the morning or early afternoon to enjoy all that little offer this beautiful road which we could not appreciate all the attractions.





    Hot springs few kilometers before Wat Chan. With a little shop where you can buy and cooking eggs in hot water.












    Thanks for reading this tread, I'm glad to have joined the GT Riders community. Thanks to all the contributors of this forum for sharing their experience and their advice, which made us want to take the road in our turn. I hope we can meet some of you on the road or in Chiang Mai where we reside.

    See you soon, good road and ride safe!

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    Brilliant report & wonderful photos.
    Many thanks for joining in & contributing.

    There's a separate section on GTR or recommended hotels & restaurants if you want to add your tips there as well.
    GT-Rider Recommended Spots - Northern Thailand

    The guesthouse in Pai is certainly worthy of a good recommendation.
    Pai Accommodation
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    Nice repot Nelska, some great photos and information.

    Looks like you had a brilliant ride.

    Also thanks for the tip on The Pho Rak Nah Pai guesthouse.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.


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    Thank you Moto-Rex, I am happy to contribute and share to make live this excellent forum which is a real wealth of information.
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