MHS Loop

Jan 12, 2003
MHS Loop
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For David and the love of loops

MHS Loop 5 DEC 02

Leaving CM going north take care as the traffic is travelling faster than ever these days but the locals tend to cross this road as they did 60yrs ago making for some interesting guess work.

About 6klms before you turn left on to the 1095 to MHS
there is a Shell Garage, at the back of the garage is a fresh coffee shop for your fix of caffeine before the fun begins.

Once on to the 1095 the fun begins with some fast twistys through the villages. The louder the zorst the better! (brings back memories of the IoM )

Once you start lifting up into the first section of mountains I've noticed that on the tightest of bends there is lose gravel in the middle on the road.

Near the 37klm marker outside Pai the road has washed away in various places this can make it a little tricky in the dark/rain and dusty during the day.

Mae Sariang won’t be the same without the old boy - nuff respect

The road entering MS is a mess also once you come along side the river bank 1088/108 this has also been washed away in places making it an off road section virtually all the way to Hot.

The last stretch back up to Chiang Mai is been replaced/repaired and can be rough in places.

And finally to the falang guy on the Honda Dream. Who had TWO falang girls wearing bikinis riding pillion all the way back to CM. And who were all laying in the middle of the road on a tight hairpin bend with a few cuts, scratches and scrapes - but thankfully nothing serious, if you are reading this -
YOU ARE A F*****G P***K- get a life.