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  1. dlevedag

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    I was talking to my mechanic and he was telling me about the Sunflower Fetival in MHS. He said it was Nov 17th? I read Daves(SilverhawkUSA)report for last year Link removed
    (great report and pictures by the way). I was wondering what you guys know about this year. Any better dates or just November 1st- Dec 1st?

    I'm think seeing as I'm a off road guy/ with a XR250 and my ass cant handle to much road riding- I'll make my way to Khum Yuam via a less direct route like the dirt roads through Wat Chan or up from the south Kong Loi to Nong Heaeng.

    Any other suggestion on dirt roads and/or trails with sunflowers. Somewhere I might be able to see them without the tour buses?

    After I check out these flowers - I'm heading to get info on the trail from Huay Nam Dang to Wiang Haeng for Auke - Then to Wawi to get GPS data for the Godfather so we can swap tracks. Its going to be a long trip!!!

    Cheers - Dirty
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  3. tropicaljohno

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    Below details from last year so presume this year same same dates....

    also dont forget to watch meteor showers night of Nov 18 can see that all over Thailand

    1 November - December 15 SUNFLOWER BLOOMING SEASON
    These yellow blossoms cover the hillsides in Mae Hong Song province. A popular and beautiful photo opportunity. Official festival Ampoe Khun Yuam on the slopes of Doi Mae U-Khor, Mae Hong Sorn province.
  4. Pikey



    Myself, Silverhawk and Big & Tall went thru Khun Yuam and the sunflowers offroad last year. We did it anti-clockwise from Chiang Mai to MHS via Wat Chan, road to Khun Yuam and an offroad loop via Pang Ung/Khun Ruam ending up in back in Chiang Mai via Mae Chaem. The trip report is titled "Elephant Trail" and is within this forum somewhere.

    BTW, TJ (and others), keep 17/18 November free for the Chiang Rai supercross!


  5. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    No worries Pikey, I dont mind being the designated driver if we 'bus it' there and back

    Just spent the day polishing 'Miss Pinky', will fit the handle bar guards on my 'Delight' tomorrow.
  6. daewoo

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    TJ, this is a family board, keep that sort of thing to yourself PULEEEZE... next thing we know you'll be posting photos with your face blanked out...

    you could at least give 'it' a manly blokes name, I call mine Stanley, like the power drill...

    I think we will need some discussions about logistics when I arrive... not long now (THANK GOD)...

  7. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Dave I'll email a track to you.
  8. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Daewoo you got some definite dates when you arrive is it still Nov 16..

    Now Rhodie is calling my Honda Degree a Honda Delight, perhaps may paint that one lime green, (remember the 'puke green' Ford used to paint their Escorts...
  9. Pikey


    Fark me! This one is turning into a Viz comic circa 1990 with the double entendres! When we bus/truck up to Chiang Rai Supercross, TJ & Rhodie can share a room, I'll set up a hidden cam, and we'll sell the proceeds of all the "pink bits" film on the web - should pay for the nights beer!

    Darryl, as you can see, I have a new keyboard! Glad your bike is starting OK and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

    Cheers all,

  10. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    The plan is still to arrive CM on the 16th... The only thing that will change is if I am getting close to one of the jobs I am targeting, and going away would screw that up...

    If I extend the trip at all, it would only be for a day or two in BKK on the way through...

    I didn't think Viz had any double entendre ... they just come straight out and say it...

    From (Viz) Rogers Profanisaurus
    pink steel n. Even harder than wood (qv)
    pink, the n. Female genitals. See also pot pink, pot brown, easy pink, snookered behind the red.

    Off to the beach again now...

  11. DavidFL

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    Come on guys you keep side tracking yourselves, stick to the motorbikes & forget the pink bits please.
  12. Ian Bungy

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    To True David!!! What is all this Waffle, TJ was Talking about his Bike???

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