Mid Week Ride.

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  1. Tim rang to see if wanted to Join Him for a Day Ride so why not and we decided to meet up Wednesday Morning.
    Tim on His CB1300 (Very Tricked out, the best Example in Thailand)
    Ian on His Triumph Tiger 1050.
    We set off just after 10am and headed up the usual 118 Road North till we Turned right onto the 120 to Phayao. This Road is Ok for the first half then Perfect for the Second bit over the Mountain to Phayao. New Seal so a real good Fast Ride. After a relaxing Lunch by the Lake at the Usual Restaurant we decided to Head down to Lampang on the #1 Road. No luck finding any 95 but still had some Fuel left and decided to carry on and eventually found a small Station on the left around 25kms out which Had the Goods. From here on it kept getting Better. The Road had a Concrete divider in the middle to Prevent the Village Idiots from doing their Kamikaze runs at passing Motorists and the Surface was very Good most of the time and very little Traffic so we got up some Serious Speed a Great Ride, Tim Described it best when stating it was like having our own Private Race Track :D . His Experience showed and I was impressed with His display of Caution and Courtesy when we came to any Traffic or Towns. Slowing right down. Correct Procedure for Self Preservation in Asia!!! But we Certainly Hit some Speeds when Safe that would have Had us Ringing for Bail in Most Countries :twisted: !!! Quite surprising to see Lampang so Much Hotter and Drier that Chiang Mai as they aren't a great distance apart, Also the Burning was already starting down there so we can Expect all the Pollution and usual Articles in the Newspapers resulting in Nothing and No action taken till it Rains again end of April and it is all forgotten for another Year, Sad really :cry:
    Between the Map we had and My GPS we found all our Turns without to much Problem and decided to Head back up via some Central Country roads for some sight seeing. So we took the 1035 back up till we turned left and headed in to Intersect the 1252 Rural Road. This is an Amazingly Twisty Road and Covered in almost invisible dust and Sand on most Corners so it was Slow and not really Suited for our Bikes But Lovely Scenery and still very Enjoyable. Eventually we intersected the 118 on the Sharp Corner with a Bridge and back off to Chiang Mai. Called into Tim's House for a Bit then back to the X-Centre and a Well Earned Beer!!!
    When i got back My GPS showed we had covered 488kms in 6 Hours of Riding with our Moving Average Speed at 80.4 kmh Pretty Impressive if you have ever been through the 1252 Road as it is really Slow going all the way!!! Sorry to say No Photos as i never took the Camera and we were Enjoying ourselves that much we probably wouldn't have taken any anyway!!!
  2. Ian love to see you having fun on your new bike and blowing the cobwebs out. Good on you.

    The 120 into Phayao is definitely a hoot and the Trumpet must of loved it. Bit better than we rode it in the pouring rain on the knobbied dirt bikes eh?

    Good report
  3. yep that route is a definite favourite for the biguns, 488kms in 6 hours thats going some ian the 1252 is tight aswell. if you get some time ian must get the black beauty over to nan before it gets hazy, id go aswell as nan has a lot on offer!
    good to see you in high spirits this morning aswell, i reckon its my turn for a go on the tiger next!
  4. Hi Luke yes it was a Great Ride. We can meet up for a Ride any time you are Ready. I can't Say it will be Much after Sampling Your Outrageous and Courageous CRF450 Motard the other Morning, What a Blast :shock: !!! Now i have to get another Bike to Join You Guys 8) Enjoy.

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