Might this be the end of our chain lubrication problems ???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by jethro69, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Cool idea.

    One thing I don't really get on the carbonforbikes page though: The solid lubricant costs ~EUR 150 and only lasts for 6,000 km. So it seems it would be cheaper and easier to just replace the chain whenever you need to?! A Chain costs what, 2,000 Baht, or 50 EUR, and lasts over 10k km easily. Even if you use cheapo lubrication it will be way cheaper than the solid, unless there's some way to refill that thing.... anyone know?
  2. I checked the site again (clickes only at the KTM's, so I didn't know there is a price listing) it's ~150 € for the set, replacements are around 35€, still very steep:roll: Hope someday there will be cheaper options
  3. Another issue is that the device is huge and ugly... kinda cool but I guess more likely is that we're going to use different technology that doesn't require so much maintenance at some point.
  4. I am somewhat familiar with this graphite lube technology, and it does indeed work quite well. However as Nikster pointed out, it is REALLY expensive and I agree with Jethro69 that it is cheaper to replace the chain at regular intervals. My V bike is my 17th motorcycle in about 45 years of riding, and I believe I have only purchased half a dozen chains during that time. In the 'old days' I used PJ1 chain lube and although it worked well, it was pretty messy. The last ten years or so I have been using a chain lube (SpeedX) from a company named CorrosionX (http://rejex.com/speedx.html). One drop per link is all that is required, and absolutely nothing slings off the chain. Even the chain wheels stay clean. I have been getting over 10,000 miles on a chain before it stretches beyond the length limit. Historically, I sell the bike at about that time.

    BTW, they also sell a product named CorrosionX which is an awesome rust preventor. I currently live 2km from the beach, so there is a lot of salt in the air here. Some of my tools started developing runst in as little as one month. SHEESH! I now use CorrosionX all over the place, along with keeping my car and bike covered at all time.

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